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At some point

Sep 20, 2021 by sihz
between this yr and next yr i wanna go on the mission to rewatch all seasons of survivor again, 1 by 1. Do you think its life or death to watch the ponderosa videos to keep up with the storyline too?


Eh, I used to watch ponderosa religiously. I feel like it provides context for how the jury votes, but not really important. The HvV and Gabon ponderosas come to memory for whatever reason, but not neccessary. The earliest seasons don't even have them.
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Sep 20, 2021
can we watch together?
Sent by ManniBoi,Sep 20, 2021
im just over these last couple of seasons, their ponderosas have been vanilla asf so maybe i'll do up until a certain point bluebarracuda

yeah manniboi
Sent by sihz,Sep 20, 2021
sihz I haven't watched the most recent season's ponderosa... so glad I didn't miss anything!
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Sep 20, 2021

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