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Apr 15, 2023 by sihz
I definitely cant have friendships with someone who offers me a service i pay for. I told my dance teacher i was gonna take a break during april since i wanted to focus on other styles for the time being, and he misunderstood it and lowkey got mad lmfaooo

One thing ppl are not gonna do is boss me around when im free to do whatever tf i wanna do


Sent by BbDamian,Apr 15, 2023
Yeah I’m a strong believer in establishing those boundaries. I know sometimes the person may be super cool but there’s 6 billion people out there. Imo that’s kinda messed up he got mad at you… doesn’t he realize that would make you want to leave even more lol…
Sent by Kindred7,Apr 15, 2023
yeah i feel like i needed to this to wake up and realize there are boundaries kindred7 i still am gonna go in a few more weeks bc its a great academy overall but i also wanna do other things of my interest while im spending a shitton of money in classes as well so i cant please everyone and im not gonna do that lmao
Sent by sihz,Apr 15, 2023
Yeah you definitely shouldn’t try to please them sihz - im glad you’re also trying to broaden your skill set / try different things bc it can also reinvigorate the excitement you have - and you’ll probably get better at what you’re already good at (like transferable skills and whatnot). <3
Sent by Kindred7,Apr 15, 2023
OMG it gets so messy like amandabynes after a night during pig week at her local fair whenever its a situation with frans and money. That guy should lowkey grow up and read the room on how things work
Sent by Allison,Apr 15, 2023

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