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Victorias Secret Fashion Show

Mar 15, 2023 by sihz
Will be back this year after a full 360掳 rebranding from the last 4 years.

Excited or should they have let it stay that way?
I dont have high expectations with the turn it took but i'll still tune in. Hope they keep some of their staples like the Fantasy Bra, themed segments, wings and live artists performances.


they better have this angel
Sent by _Adidas_,Mar 15, 2023
Hahdjajsjakskifkej _adidas_
Sent by sihz,Mar 15, 2023
It鈥檚 really gonna depend on what they do with it. I hope it鈥檚 more inclusive size wise. But I hope they don鈥檛 change much about the old show format. Can鈥檛 wait to see how it turns out
Sent by Zeptis,Mar 15, 2023
And the models casting/show design need to step their game up after those atrocious last few yrs zeptis
Sent by sihz,Mar 15, 2023
sihz peak years for me were 2011-2013. that also happens to be when I started watching religiously, so call me biased I guess.
Sent by Zeptis,Mar 15, 2023
I started on 2012 too lmao zeptis but its also a general consensus that was the best era. I also watched religiously and in september the anticipation was so thrilling each year hoping my faves would get the spotlight like Doutzen and Adriana!
Sent by sihz,Mar 15, 2023

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