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Celebrity Big Brother - Episode 13 (Eviction)

Jan 11, 2024 by sauga420
image[The episode begins in the Celebrity Big Brother house, with tensions still lingering after the recent confrontations. In the bedroom, Madelaine Petsch approaches Dixie D'Amelio to offer comfort.]

Madelaine Petsch: (gentle) Dixie, I know things are tough right now, but we're all here for you. It's just a game, and we'll get through this.

[Dixie D'Amelio, visibly upset, nods appreciatively as Madelaine Petsch offers support.]

[As the houseguests gather in the living room, Julie Chen's voice echoes through the house.]

Julie Chen: (over the intercom) Houseguests, it's time for the eviction ceremony. Mindy and Dixie, please take a seat.

[Mindy Kaling and Dixie D'Amelio take their places on the nomination chairs, and the atmosphere becomes charged with anticipation.]

Julie Chen: Mindy, Dixie, you both have the opportunity to plead your case to the house. Mindy, you're up first.

[Mindy Kaling stands and faces the house.]

Mindy Kaling: (confident) Hey, everyone. I know it's a tough decision, but I'm here to play and contribute to the game. I hope you consider that in your vote. Thank you.

[Mindy Kaling sits back down, and the attention shifts to Dixie D'Amelio.]

Julie Chen: Dixie, your turn.

[Dixie D'Amelio, still visibly upset, remains seated and does not give a speech. The houseguests exchange curious glances.]

Julie Chen: Thank you both. Houseguests, it's time to vote.

[Each houseguest privately casts their vote in the diary room.]

Travis Kelce: I vote to evict Dixie.

Madelaine Petsch: I vote to evict Mindy.

Booboo Stewart: I vote to evict Dixie.

China Anne McClain: I vote to evict Dixie.

Shane Dawson: I vote to evict Dixie.

Steve Carell: I vote to evict Dixie.

[The tension rises as they return to the living room.]

Julie Chen: Once I reveal the votes, the evicted houseguest must leave immediately. By a vote of 5 to 1... Dixie, you have been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

[Dixie D'Amelio takes a deep breath, visibly frustrated, and stands to leave. The houseguests share quick glances as Dixie D'Amelio exits the house, expressing her anger.]

Dixie D'Amelio: (angry) This is ridiculous. Good luck, everyone.

[Dixie D'Amelio leaves the house, and the remaining contestants are left to grapple with the aftermath of the eviction. The door closes, and the Celebrity Big Brother house returns to a tense calm as the remaining houseguests brace for the next phase of the competition.]

[The scene transitions to the Celebrity Big Brother stage, where Julie Chen stands ready to interview the recently evicted houseguest, Dixie D'Amelio. Dixie walks out onto the stage, visibly frustrated.]

Julie Chen: Dixie, welcome. I can see this eviction was tough for you. How are you feeling right now?

Dixie D'Amelio: (crossing her arms) Honestly, Julie, I'm angry. I didn't expect to leave so soon, and it's frustrating.

Julie Chen: It's understandable. Emotions run high in the Big Brother house. Is there a particular moment or decision that you think led to your eviction?

Dixie D'Amelio: (nodding) Yeah, definitely. The Power of Veto ceremony. Booboo won it, and I thought he was going to use it to save me. But he didn't, and that's where everything went wrong.

Julie Chen: Speaking of winners, how do you feel about the head of household Ross Lynch? It seemed like you two had some tension in the house.

Dixie D'Amelio: (rolling her eyes) I don't trust him. Ross is playing a game, but he's making moves that benefit other people, not himself. He's not going to win playing like that.

Julie Chen: Understandable. Now, you mentioned being angry. Is there anyone in particular you're upset with?

Dixie D'Amelio: (sighing) Yeah, Shane Dawson. He was in the middle of everything, trying to play both sides. It's frustrating because I thought we were working together.

Julie Chen: Did Shane's actions surprise you?

Dixie D'Amelio: (nodding) Definitely. I thought we had a good understanding with both of us being influencers, but in this game, trust is hard to come by.

Julie Chen: Well, Dixie, thank you for sharing your thoughts. It's always a challenging experience in the Big Brother house, and we appreciate you being here.

Dixie D'Amelio: (smiling) Thanks, Julie. It's been a rollercoaster, but I'll be watching to see how it all plays out.

[Dixie D'Amelio waves to the audience as she exits the stage, leaving behind a mix of emotions and intrigue in the Celebrity Big Brother house.]



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