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Ben sucks

Nov 16, 2017 by sahmosean
You can't split the votes when you have 7 and they have 4. Do the math.

I was hoping that mistake would open up an opportunity for the healers, but no dice. And now they actually DO have the numbers to split, so who knows what they'll do.

Do you think Ben's edit was actually negative or is he just way less likable now that he's playing more "strategically"



Sent by idontmessaround,Nov 16, 2017
I think Ben is going home soon
Sent by JeffProbstTF,Nov 16, 2017
He definitely had a mixed tone this time. He still had a lot of positive elements but we saw the first negativity in his edit which is an interesting thing
Sent by Novamax243,Nov 16, 2017

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