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So I have this former friend

3rdOct 24, 2023 by rory17
imageand her name is BonnieParker. She got mad at me over a Frookies because she heard that I betrayed her at final 5, which actually wasn’t the case. She sent me a semi-aggressive private message and demanded screenshots.

Come to find out after the game, Bonnie was the one who actually betrayed ME! She fessed up to voting me out at final 7. How are you going to sit here and get mad over a false rumor you heard when it really should be ME confronting YOU?! Now keep in mind I don't care that she voted me out; it's the fact that she is truly the one who betrayed me and then proceeded to get mad at me for betraying her (which I didn't even do)??? And now, we are talking in PMs and she is completely deflecting anything I have tried to explain to her.

Like I said, I don’t care about this person betraying me; it’s all just a game. With that said, the moral of this post is to PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. Why is it okay for you to betray me but not okay for me to betray you, BonnieParker? I’m not putting up with this type of toxicity from anybody. I will gladly remove anyone from my life in order to maintain my happiness and my peace (inside and outside of Tengaged).


from Runaways 0 min ago
i saved rory here. i understand you’ll be mad but we made a deal that i could put her up as long as i saved her in the vote
Sent by BonnieParker,Oct 24, 2023
BonnieParker I have sent you the screenshots, you know I am telling the truth. I am now  concerned with you being contradictory with your actions.
Sent by rory17,Oct 24, 2023
Sent by BonnieParker,Oct 24, 2023
I saved Tiff
Why you deleting my pms proof?
Sent by BonnieParker,Oct 24, 2023
Tiff and Runaways have nothing to do with this, Bonnie. You got mad at me for making a deal against you (which never happened) when you previously evicted me.
Sent by rory17,Oct 24, 2023
Guys don't fight...  rory17 Bonnie did tell me basically she was gonna evict me over you because she had a f2 deal with you. And I was like wtf I was surprised she was evicting me. She asked who was saving me. I told her I had 0 saves so her saving me was literally a sympathy vote. She knew i was going out with not even one vote.
Sent by tiffanox3,Oct 24, 2023
tiffanox3 I’m not mad at the fact that she voted me out. It’s the fact that she got mad at me for betraying her when she was the one who betrayed me. She’s a hypocrite.
Sent by rory17,Oct 24, 2023
she didn’t make a deal against you but she did tell her f2 was batya so 😭😭
Sent by Runaways,Oct 25, 2023
Runaways And Batya was my F2! I was really hoping I didn’t have to choose between Batya and Bonnie. With the knowledge I have now, Team Batya any day of the week!
Sent by rory17,Oct 25, 2023
It’s okay they are a banned pedo who will prolly be banned again soon
Sent by Minie,Oct 25, 2023

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