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Wait a Nov 14, 2018
so if the thumb isn't a we technically even have a middle finger? Wow, I need to stop getting high.
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This girl Nov 13, 2018
tried to tell me today that Trump is the sole reason why ISIS is no longer relevant in the news.
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So one of my best friends is mad at me Nov 12, 2018
We both work together (at Tim Hortons if you didn't see my vlog or my other blogs) with her. She was in Atlanta for the weekend, so she couldn't work and get her schedule for this week. My phone's camera has been fucking up lately, so I record my schedule on my notes app (how fucking stupid).

I decide to be nice and take a picture of the schedule during my shift today to send to her (my camera was acting fine then), so that she doesn't have to take time out of her day and get it herself. About 10 minutes after I sent the schedule, hear "RORY, YOU FUCKING DUMB BITCH". Her dumbass is walking through the door at lightning speed and starts to cuss me out? And WHY? She was on her way from the airport to the restaurant to take a picture of the schedule for herself.

So here we are, me behind the counter and her cussing me out with everyone staring. I am on shift, so I can't do much besides smile (but don't get it twisted, if I was off shift, my ass would have gotten loud). She storms out the restaurant and I decide to text her and be like "All you had to say was thank you" and she then got mad for throwing this "situation" back on her.

Damn ma, it's a schedule. It's not that deep. All you had to do was thank you. Like am I wrong here or something? Am I missing a point?
Points: 19 4 comments
Hunny Nov 11, 2018
Loopspeare, you are too funny and too gullible. That bitch is an OBVIOUS troll and now, here you are, "calling me out" for hyping up a troll. Get over yourself and go host a roblox survivor or something.

Blog of him "calling me out":
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Let's debate Nov 11, 2018
Can/should a guy hit a girl if the girl hits them first?

+ for yes
- for no
Points: 917 39 comments
Work today was a NIGHTMARE Nov 11, 2018
I work at Tim Hortons and this lady comes through the drive-thru at about 11:30 AM EST, asking for a 2 for $4 breakfast sandwiches. This promo means you can get a sausage, egg, and cheese on either an english muffin or a PLAIN bagel. So this lady starts having a panic attack because she can't get a 2 for $4 on a croissant. We told her a good 3 times we couldn't do that for her, and she sped off.

I thought "....Huh. She's just a weirdo who won't be getting anything". I was wrong. She stops at the drive-thru window and decides to order something. That is 100% fine. She said she wants 2 sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches, one on a SESAME bagel and one on an EVERYTHING bagel. So I did that. I charged her normal price for it instead of the 2 for $4. Why? The 2 for $4 is for a PLAIN BAGEL ONLY. We told her this at least 7 times when she was in the drive-thru. I give her the food. Perfect! She's gone!

On top of her being uncooperative, she was very rude. WAIT THOUGH, I'm not done. So my shift ended at 1 and it was about 12:57 and who walks in? THE RUDE ASS CUSTOMER (obviously, who else do you think it would be?). So she is screaming at my supervisor and pointing at me for charging her too much for her "2 for $4". Like baby girl, we told your ass 500 times you can only get a plain bagel for 2 for $4.

So I was told I am expecting a call later to talk about the issue with my boss. GREAT.
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