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Thank you all!

Dec 27, 2008 by rockgoddess
I have made the final three!  Thank you everyone who kept me when I was up.  It's an amazing feeling being in the final 3.  Too each and everyone of you who has supported me, thank you!

- Bubblyangel, the BIGGEST thank you to you!
- Surs, thank you for being the first one to comment telling me you have voted for me <3!
- bbfan, thank you <3!
- phanne, love you! ^__^
- ErikDelko!  I hope to play a game with you too!
- Haskova, thanks for your vote!
- Halio88, thank you for your support through this.
- jm101, thanks for rooting for me!
- Grey, thank you =)!
- Ulimata, thanks!
- CiaoVino, thank you for the vote!
- Thanks also to everyone from the game who was voted out for your support.  I <3 you too =).

If I've left you off, I'm incredibly sorry.  Thank you to all I have missed on this ever growing list.
(BTW - Jubbzy, if you were willing, I would totally want to be your sex kitten and ONLY yours!  I self proclaim myself as your #1 fan.)


Good Luck RG!  <3  You totally deserve it!
Sent by phanne,Dec 27, 2008
Good Luck :)

Sent by imxrated93,Dec 27, 2008
I hope you win you were the only non floater/liar in there
And I will be your sex kitten bay bay
Sent by Yankee1006,Dec 27, 2008
Thank you phanne and xrated!
Sent by rockgoddess,Dec 27, 2008
Ginny for the winny :P
Oh dear, that was terrible XD
Sent by AndyShields,Dec 27, 2008
In a game dominated by men, one woman will rise above them all to claim the title of Stars season 6 winner.  Armed with her ultra seXXXy pigtails, a not-so-innocent looking schoolgirl outfit, & not to mention some orgasm-inducing glasses she has what it takes to do so.  Her name: Ginny, better known to you all as rockgoddess.  Please, someone get a glass of water because she is on FIRE!
Sent by IAmPaxton,Dec 27, 2008
Good luck rockgoddess +!!
Sent by Grey,Dec 27, 2008
Good Luck Ginny!
Sent by storm,Dec 28, 2008
good luck
Sent by islandman77,Dec 28, 2008
I dress as you in your honor!  Good luck!
Sent by Nathanial,Dec 28, 2008
well I was dress in you honor
Sent by Nathanial,Dec 28, 2008

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