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Dec 1, 2008 by rockgoddess
It's the time of the semester.  Finals.  Every single time I get stressed out and forget about how stressed I was in previous years.  So I know I might have been more stressed out in the past but it feels like the worst it's been since I've been at the college I am at now.  Mostly it's my directing class which I've grown to detest.  I must act in three scenes and direct my own.  Thing aren't going very well and so far my work isn't liked very much.  It needs a lot of improvement.  Of course, I really don't know enough on how to improve it.  In addition to that, I still have to memorize all the lines for the scenes that I am in.  This is all in addition to the three monologues I need to do.


Good luck!!!
I have the same problems too :(
Sent by Lexxu,Dec 1, 2008
I'm sure you'll do fine.  Stress makes you get things done.  Best of luck! <3
Sent by phanne,Dec 1, 2008
Good luck!!
I know how stressful it gets.
I have to finish an essay about cancer screening for Friday
Do a presentation on depression for monday
And next week I need to conduct experiments.
WHY do we get all the work in one go??

I hope you get all your lines sorted :)
Sent by Richpaca,Dec 1, 2008
the stress makes me hungry!!
Sent by Lexxu,Dec 1, 2008
u'll make it
Sent by storm,Dec 1, 2008
Good luck!
I hope you do fine :)
Sent by Tess11,Dec 1, 2008
You will make it through.
BTW, I just entered college. FRESHMAN PRIDE <33. Its like
Sent by dinaalin,Dec 1, 2008
Suck it up, whiner.
Sent by brianmertz,Dec 2, 2008
btw... I'm getting straight A's... again
Sent by brianmertz,Dec 2, 2008
I'm at university too-- finals week is an awful, awful time.
Best of luck, from one sufferer to another!
Sent by CiaoVino,Dec 2, 2008
Good luck
Sent by Blondie9122,Dec 5, 2008

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