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Don't Fall Too Hard

Dec 26, 2008 by rockgoddess
My heart skips a beat
My life is complete
I could scream
Is this just a dream
With someone like you
How can it be true
Then things take some turns
Though my love for you still burns
Everything I dread
Is everything you said
It comes to end
Nothing left to send
Just one thing to remember
In this cold December
Don't fall too hard
And keep your heart on guard
30 minutes + Emo RG = Bad Poetry


Sent by IAmPaxton,Dec 26, 2008
nice. :) +6!
Sent by NoelSarah,Dec 26, 2008
OMG that's good (:
Sent by ivshapiro,Dec 26, 2008
pluss gret poem
Sent by soccertrs,Dec 26, 2008
Beautiful!  Just like you!  :D
Sent by phanne,Dec 26, 2008
I loved the last four lines.
Yes, the rest of it was cliche.
But remember that most poetry and even songs are.
I myself do not write songs, and only dabble in poetry though... so what do I know? :)
Sent by Narf,Dec 27, 2008
That is not bad poetry. +
Sent by Grey,Dec 27, 2008
Sent by storm,Dec 27, 2008
aww its so cute!!
Sent by Selena142,Dec 27, 2008
Thank you for sharing!
Sent by CiaoVino,Dec 27, 2008
I like it
Sent by Daniel,Dec 27, 2008
Good poem. =)
Sent by Chels05,Dec 27, 2008
Did you right that? it's gorgeous darlin
Sent by NarissaX,Dec 27, 2008

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