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Rockgoddess and Phanne's Love Cruise

Nov 26, 2008 by rockgoddess
imageThis group game is inspired by Real Chance of Love.  Applications are now available.
Come aboard the Love Cruise.  Rockgoddess and Phanne are looking for love and you might just be the one of two lucky men we take back to port with us if you have the right game.
16 men will be chosen from the applicants.  Around every 2 days there will be a challenge.  The winner(s) of the challenge earns the platinum paddle (paddles are your lifeline in this game).  Everyone must participate in each challenge in order to receive a paddle.  Rockgoddess and Phanne will separate the cast into two groups for each elimination.  The less time you spend with Phanne or RockGoddess, the more likely you are of being thrown overboard.  May the best men sail into our arms!


Love the idea but your not my type lol
Sent by SlowMoving,Nov 26, 2008
i would love to hook up with one of u girls!
Sent by KingMac,Nov 26, 2008
Sure thing. ;)
Sent by KitsuneInferno,Nov 26, 2008
Sent by gm1991,Nov 27, 2008
Sent by gm1991,Nov 27, 2008

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