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Letting the New Members into Stars 5

Dec 12, 2008 by rockgoddess
Chels posted a blog entry about giving back to the tengaged community about letting the low level members enter into Stars tomorrow.  I personally think this is a wonderful idea and a good way for a new member to make a name for themselves.  Which is why I will not be joining Stars 5.  If you are light green or higher, I encourage you to consider not joining as well.


yay! i agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sent by KingMac,Dec 12, 2008
I agree, this would be a great idea! But it will only be ruined... :(
Sent by KitsuneInferno,Dec 12, 2008
Chels said to spread the word....So i made one too
Sent by Yankee1006,Dec 12, 2008
im sorry rock i am lite green but i will be joining anyway since i have waited a week not playing games and wont wait another week
Sent by tyleror,Dec 12, 2008
Sent by PopBelly,Dec 12, 2008
this is awesome, i want to thank everyone that is doing this, i want to play stars so bad and i can't believe that i will have a chance tomorrow.
Sent by Hiltons,Dec 12, 2008
I want in stars, but dont u have to be red level :(?
Sent by yswimmer96,Dec 12, 2008
Crap.  I've been waiting to join and just got a light green card.  Would it be horrible of me to join?
Sent by Daisy,Dec 12, 2008
So is this for yellow and orange people?
Sent by Emmaleigh,Dec 12, 2008
Well said. This Stars should be getting to make someone famous on this site, or so they call it. Stars 3 was also similar to that. Basically, the shady people who enter, who are well known might as well get the boot in the ass early.
Sent by Lockie,Dec 13, 2008
Daisy, I think if you explained that you got the lite green very recently, people won't think it's horrible of you.  You deserve your chance as well.
Sent by rockgoddess,Dec 13, 2008
I hope to get on
Sent by soccertrs,Dec 13, 2008
Sent by Lilly1015,Dec 13, 2008
Thank rockgoddess! ::smooch::
Sent by Daisy,Dec 13, 2008
im never able to join because im always at work when enrollment is, i work every saturday 4:30-8:30 but due to a big ice storm i didnt work tonight. i joined, and people with their big levels worked hard for their position as will newbies if they really want to play stars someday, i dont think we should cater to them.
Sent by nataliecorbin,Dec 13, 2008

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