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advice needed

Jan 3, 2022 by rdude_1
my two flatmates have been fighting for the past half hour.

i am talking punching and kicking each other too.

i broke it up and they are now fighting again.

what do i do?!


Take your shirt off and start spraying them with body oil.
Sent by jdog,Jan 3, 2022
shit since one of em can’t; give them both of their ass whoopings respectfully
Sent by Castings,Jan 3, 2022
call the po po
Sent by CCDoll,Jan 3, 2022
Give em a snickers, cuz you’re not you when you’re hungry
Sent by FromAWindow,Jan 3, 2022
take off your pants and run around naked that should do the trick
Sent by CallMeTheGOAT,Jan 3, 2022
Sent by rdude_1,Jan 3, 2022

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