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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

In Reponse to bbfanuk_reborn

Jul 27, 2022 by rdude_1
Hi everyone,

Even though I am a inactive user of this site, I couldn't help but post a reply to this.

I joined this site back around 2010 (I had an account before this).

I was a teenager and I remember even back then people used to shame others for being on here too much.

Blog wars used to be huge back then..alliances and constant drama. To be honest it was kind of fun.

I remember a common insult being 'get off of tengaged and get yourself a life'.

Now, quite frankly, anyone who uses insults like this towards is a moron and a hypocrite.

And I mean that.

Why do we all come online here?

It's something to do!

No different from people that like to play games consoles, online gaming or other online activities.

We live in an era that people connect with each other online and digitally.

I am always on my phone.

Even when I am out and about, I spend a hectic portion of my day on my phone.

Does it mean I don't have a life? No

It's just the era we live in.

So next time you want to have a dig at someone for how often they are online, have a think again.

Because it's a damn stupid insult to use.

If someone spends lots of their time online. It's their life.

The games are damn fun and can be a great filler to kill time.

Anyone who uses this is an insult is just trying to put themselves above others on this website.

So I agree with this blog.

Peace out y'all.



Sent by bbfanuk_reborn,Jul 27, 2022

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