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Pyn if youre a lesbian

Mar 19, 2023 by rdude_1
Everyone here seems to be gay

Except for gagaluv

What about the fellow lesbians?


Sent by Fendimania,Mar 19, 2023
You come out of the woodwork and return just to inquire about the lesbians of Tengaged?

While you were gone, brookie_cookie did an extensive blog about the history of lesbians on Tengaged.
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Mar 19, 2023
Sent by Scooby69,Mar 19, 2023
bluebarracuda how are you girlfriend?
Sent by rdude_1,Mar 19, 2023
pansexual so i kinda count
Sent by mortgy,Mar 19, 2023
me and systrix are the OG
Sent by ParvatiS,Mar 19, 2023
^ hoping tyler93 doesn't see this 馃槵
Sent by ParvatiS,Mar 19, 2023
Better not be parvatiS 馃
Sent by Tyler93,Mar 19, 2023
Yeah sissy parvatiS we are gayer than any gays in here 馃き
Sent by systrix,Mar 20, 2023
Sent by brookie_cookie,Mar 21, 2023

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