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My One Act Play That My Creative Writing class loved last year (It's long btw)

Nov 5, 2015 by moviedude
The Trippy Adventure of Pete and Nick: A One-Act Play by JJ Herkenhoff
(Centers on Pete and Nick driving in a car using a vaporizer)
Pete: Hey dude! You have to try this dank stash of pot I bought at the medical marijuana store!
Nick: Oh cool! What type of strain did you buy?
Pete: It’s called Space OG. Just take two hits and you’ll be feeling like you are in another world!
Nick: Alright man, I’m down!
(Nick plays some Pink Floyd songs on his iPhone and takes out some munchies to increase the high and to take care of the munchie cravings)
(A few minutes later)
(Both Pete and Nick are freaking out but also having a fun time)
Nick: Woah! What is going on maan? This stuff is tripping me out!
Pete: It’s not just you Nick, I’m tripping balls too.
Nick: Is it just me or are we floating in the air in your car?
Pete: I am seeing the same thing lol
Nick: Let’s jump out of the car
Pete What!? Why would we jump out of the car? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard mang
Nick: Sorry maan I’m just too stoned to make decisions
Pete: Whatever man, let’s stay in the car
(Car floats up into space)
Nick: Dude, this is the craziest strain I’ve ever tried! Are you sure this is weed and not acid?
Pete: I’m sure of it man, the dealer at the medical marijuana store told me that this is some high potency stuff
(They reach space and are amazed by what they see)
Nick: This is trippy and amazingas fuck!
Pete: Yeah dude it is!
Nick: I think I can see the moon, Jupiter, and mars lol
Pete: The moon looks so bright and shiny! I just wanna lick it up like a lollipop, if you know what I mean.
Nick: HOT GAYY!!
Nick: R u playing music?
Pete: No man, I’m not why?
Nick: Cause I think I can hear some Coldplay songs lol
Pete: Oh yeah maan! This is amazing!!!
(A few moments later and their car is taking control)
Nick: Hey Pete, I think your car is taking control of us!
Pete: You’re right dude, it is!
Nick: Your car is driving us so fast!
Pete and Nick: AAGGHHH
(They arrive on Mars)
Nick: Ughh something smells like rat piss and dust combined. It makes me feel like I wanna puke!
Pete: Eww something smells like shit and an old dirty hag!
(Pete and Nick get out of car)
Nick: Duude, I can barely see anything maan!
Pete: This looks really hazy like the time I smoked a whole pound of medical marijuana. I paid $100 for that ganja and my whole room looked very hazy.
Pete: It also looks very orange too.
(A tiny figure shows up in the haze and freaks out both Nick and Pete)
Nick: Woah mang! Do u see that?!
Pete: What?
Nick: Look straight ahead man
Pete: Holy crudnipples, I see something too!
Pete: I’m scared Nick!
Nick: For once you are scared!
Pete: What do you mean this is my first time being scared?
Nick: You’ve literally never been scared before.
Pete: I have too!
Nick: OK, explain to me when you’ve been scared before.
Pete: (hesitating) Umm there was an incident where I lost my vaporizer. I was pretty scared. I mean I was so down to get baked, that I literally had a meltdown and got extremely scared. This vape was expensive, and was the only thing I used to get high.
Nick: Of course it has to be weed. Everything that involves around you has to do with weed. (Sarcastically) Shocker!
Pete: Hey F u man…
(The tiny figure appears out of the haze)
Nick: Hey Pete, I think the figure has come out of the haze.
Pete: Holy crapola it has! It looks like a martian!
Nick: Oh yea it does!
Pete: You know who that martian looks like?
Nick: Who?
Pete: Marvin the Martian from Looney Tunes.
Nick: Damnnn you’re right maang!
Martian: (In a robotic tone) WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!
Nick: Damn it speaks and it speaks English too!
Pete: Hahahaha this is hilarious!
Martian: I’ll show you hilarious! (Zaps his gun thingy at Pete and Pete gets shot down)
Nick: (Panicking and worried) NOOO why did you have to do that?!
Nick:  Are you ok Pete? Please answer me Pete. Please!
Pete: (Gasping for air) I’m…Not…Ok…
Nick: Please don’t die! You’re like a brother to me!
Pete: (Gasping for air) I…Don’t…Think…I…Can…Make…It…
Nick: (Nervous and freaking out) I think you can, I think you can, I think you can
Pete: (Bout to die, says his last words): KILL…THAT…BITCH…

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