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Spoiler Cast Predictions for Season 34 of Survivor.

Jun 1, 2016 by moviedude
I recently found out the unofficial cast spoilers for Season 34 of Survivor. That season will be an All-Stars season. Thankfully we won't be able to see Phillip, Brandon, and Colton come back to play again. Also, there may be 2 players from this upcoming season to play in the following season. There will be 2 players from the next season competing in the All-Stars game btw but I'm not adding them to the predictions because I don't know who Zeke and Michaela are. I will update this list after the next season is over. The potential cast are below + Predictions
1) Andrea (Redemption Island/Caramoan)
2) Brad (Blood vs. Water)
3) Aubry (Kaoh Rong)
4) Caleb (Kaoh Rong)
5) Ciera (Blood vs. Water/Cambodia)
6) Jeff (The Australian Outback/Cambodia)
7) Cirie (Panama/Micronesia/Heroes vs. Villains)
8) JT (Tocantins/Heroes vs. Villains)
9) Debbie (Kaoh Rong)
10) Malcolm (Philippines/Caramoan)
11) Hali (Worlds Apart)
12) Ozzy (Cook Islands/Micronesia/South Pacific)
13) Tai (Kaoh Rong)
14) Sandra (Pearl Islands/Heroes vs. Villains)
15) Tony (Cagayan)
16) Sarah (Cagayan)
17) Troyzan (One World)
18) Sierra (Worlds Apart)
If this cast is legit, then I'm impressed.
Last Place-Sandra
17th Place-Brad
16th Place-Tony
15th Place-Troyzan
14th Place-Debbie
13th Place-Malcolm
12th Place-Andrea-1st Member of Jury
11th Place-Caleb-2nd Member of Jury
10th Place-Ciera-3rd Member of Jury
9th Place-Sarah-4th Member of Jury
8th Place-JT-5th Member of Jury
7th Place-Ozzy-6th Member of Jury
6th Place-Aubry-7th Member of Jury
5th Place-Sierra-8th Member of Jury
4th Place-Cirie-Last Member of Jury
Final 3
1. Hali-
2. Tai-
3. Jeff-
The link is below
What do you think?


I actually like the cast
Sent by Jameslu,Jun 1, 2016
pray for hali
Sent by HaliFord,Jun 1, 2016
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Jun 5, 2016

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