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Survivor Choices

Jul 21, 2016 by moviedude
Hey everyone! This blog includes all of you. What if Boston Rob didn't win Redemption Island as well as Richard in Borneo? Who would you choose as your winner? The list below shows the players who were either up against them (final 3) or almost made it to the finals (3rd place). What'd be awesome if you could pick who you would vote to win please. You don't have to do it if you don't want to. You can just write the winner's name for each one. The list is below.
Season 1: Kelly vs. Rudy. My pick: Kelly. Jury pick: Kelly
Season 2: Colby vs. Keith. My pick: Colby. Jury pick: Colby
Season 3: Kim vs. Lex. My Pick: Lex Jury pick: Kim
Season 4:  Neleh vs. Kathy. My pick: Jury pick: Kathy
Season 5: Clay vs. Jan. My pick: Jan Jury pick: Clay
Season 6: Matthew vs Rob. My pick: Rob Jury pick: Rob
Season 7: Lillian vs. Jonny Fairplay. My pick: Lillian Jury pick: Lillian
Season 8: Boston Rob vs. Jenna. My pick: Boston Rob Jury pick: Boston Rob
Season 9: Twila vs. Scout. My pick: Twila Jury pick: Twila
Season 10: Katie vs. Ian. My pick: Ian Jury pick: Ian
Season 11: Stephenie vs. Rafe. My pick: Stephenie Jury pick: Stephenie
Season 12: Danielle vs. Terry. My pick: Terry Jury pick: Terry
Season 13: Ozzy vs. Becky. My pick: Ozzy Jury pick: Ozzy
Season 14: Dreamz vs. Cassandra. My pick: Dreamz Jury pick: Cassandra
Season 15: Amanda vs. Courtney. My pick: Amanda Jury pick: Amanda
Season 16: Amanda vs. Cirie. My pick: Cirie Jury pick: Cirie
Season 17: Susie vs. Sugar. My pick: Sugar Jury pick: Susie
Season 18: Stephen vs. Erinn. My pick: Stephen Jury pick: Stephen
Season 19: Russell vs. Mick My pick: Russell Jury pick: Russell
Season 20: Parvati vs. Russell. My pick: Parvati Jury pick: Parvati
Season 21: Chase vs. Sash. My pick: Chase Jury pick: Chase
Season 22: Phillip vs. Natalie. My pick: Natalie Jury pick: Natalie
Season 23: Coach vs. Albert. My pick: Coach Jury pick: Coach
Season 24: Chelsea vs. Sabrina. My pick: Sabrina Jury pick: Sabrina
Season 25: Lisa vs. Skupin. My pick: Skupin Jury pick: Lisa
Season 26: Dawn vs. Sherri. My pick: Dawn Jury pick: Dawn
Season 27: Monica vs. Gervase. My pick: Monica Jury pick: Monica
Season 28: Woo vs. Kass. My pick: Woo Jury pick: Woo
Season 29: Missy vs. Jaclyn. My pick: Jaclyn Jury pick: Jaclyn
Season 30: Carolyn vs. Will. My pick: Carolyn Jury pick: Carolyn
Season 31: Spencer vs. Tasha. My pick: Spencer Jury pick: Spencer
Season 32: Aubry vs. Tai. My pick: Aubry Jury pick: Aubry


I agree with most of theseeee
Sent by Kelly0412,Jul 21, 2016
Why is Richard vs rudy should it not be Kelly?
Sent by Rodrigues75,Jul 21, 2016
You're right Rodrigues75. I updated my blog and excluded Richard and added Kelly.
Sent by moviedude,Jul 21, 2016
season 11 is rafe u haven't seen guatemala have u moviedude
susie got 4 votes i think susie wins that f2
others i agree with
Sent by lionsden121,Jul 21, 2016
boston rob wouldnt beat jenna btw
Sent by Joshbb17,Jul 21, 2016
alot of these are wrong for the most part. susie beats sugar, cassandra beats dreamz, courtney beats amanda, lisa beats skupin, rudy probably beats kelly, and boston rob doesnt beat jenna
Sent by Joshbb17,Jul 21, 2016
I haven't seen Guatemala, I just remember liking Stephenie from Palau lionsden121. These are whom I would pick to win. I'll add in whom I think the jury would vote for.
Sent by moviedude,Jul 21, 2016

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