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Bottom Line of this episode:

May 17, 2017 by mattmon3365
Cirie put WAY too much trust in sarah, and basically ruined any chance of her getting to the end while in the meantime causing an iconic female alliance of 4 to crumble. YES brad/sarah's side has 3 idols, a legacy, and a vote steal.

HOWEVER, cirie would have had a much better chance sticking with the 3 girls, praying that sarah did not use her extra vote and no idols were played, and going to rocks......At least that could have easily taken out an advantage if someone on that side got rocked and her side would have had a much better chance of moving forward....

Then literally this episode with the vote she could have had it so easy if she would have READ THE FUCKING PRINT and realized she couldn't use it....the vote was most likely going to be between aubry and tai, so she essentially just put herself/michaela in danger by scrambling too hard and not paying attention to details. And then why the hell would she vote aubry???? Clearly she wasn't misinformed because her/michaela voted differently, so is she just throwing votes to be cute??? Idk someone clear that up for me.

Do not get me wrong I love her and she was an amazing gameplayer on 3 seasons, but you all seriously wanna sit there and put the blame all on SARAH? Cirie....cirie....cirie.... this episode for her was so hard to watch and now she is totally screwed going into finale.

#JusticeforAndrea #JusticeforMichaela #survivor


idk you cant really judge (either way) based on an extra short episode
Sent by splozojames50,May 17, 2017
splozojames50 ehh.....i mean maybe not the final 8 thing but i feel like the final 7 situation speaks for itself, she was dumb for that
Sent by mattmon3365,May 17, 2017
eh i havent watched either segment so i probably shouldnt even be saying anything
Sent by splozojames50,May 17, 2017

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