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  40. Im genuinely so upset

I guess some people

May 22, 2017 by mattmon3365
just like to pick and choose what battles they want to fight for, innocent black people dying from idiotic white cops and racism in general is an extremely sensitive topic, but bombings that kill 23 innocent people and leave many injured/scarred is completely ok to joke about, who cares that most of them were children that had their full lives ahead of them. ITS ALL ABOUT ARIANA!!!!!!! IF IT WASNT ABOUT ARIANA U ALL WOULD BE JOKING ABOUT IT TOO!!!


but no i wouldnt? lmao everyones talking about the people who died/were injured rather than ariana who didnt even get a bruise
Sent by QueenMichelle,May 22, 2017
Again morality isn't black and white and you can be on the side of some things without having to commit to every single injustice
Sent by konohavillage1,May 22, 2017
konohavillage1 oh absolutely, but they are very similar in the fact that innocent people are dying   for absolutely no reason. Some people cannot FATHOM as to why some others would be upset over children dying at this concert, but these same people also cannot fathom how others can make jokes over black people dying by the hands of white cops when they also did not deserve it. Obviously a difference between the 2 situations, still extremely interesting to me
Sent by mattmon3365,May 22, 2017

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