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  1. Just wanted to log in real quick
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  13. Just another Jillian blog
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  15. Big brother 19 is so great! Love it!
  16. Jillian is so good
  17. Sorry but y'all love to pick and choose
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  20. Not to start shit up in here
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  31. I guess some people
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  34. Wow RPDR fans were really extra tn
  35. Jeez i swear
  36. I'm just gonna say it
  37. Bottom Line of this episode:
  38. WOW nicky from OITNB
  39. Knock on wood but
  40. Im genuinely so upset

Jillian is so good

Jul 3, 2017 by mattmon3365
she may not be as useful as christmas would have been in this game, but her personality is so cute and she makes the minority more rootable. It is also so iconic that she has now been on the block against 3 different people, when it has not even been a full week yet LMAO.

Her saying that everyone that is on the block against her disappears and that she was praying for a miracle, but she didn't mean THIS KIND OF MIRACLE < 3
Her being proud of her weight loss surgery < 3
Her being the ultimate underdog rn maybe next to alex but being the least threatening of her alliance now and only surviving this week if christmas is med-evaced < 3

Sent by Obstreperous,Jul 3, 2017

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