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  1. i honestly wonder
  2. No title
  3. the lgbtq tags on twitter
  4. *coughs all over the blogs page*
  5. I cannot believe
  7. whos ready for the
  8. i forgot how bad admin blogs were
  9. wow how am i supposed to get clout
  10. goodbye tengaged
  11. gonna rank my top 100 kpop songs
  12. people who say they dont like rap
  13. any1 wanna be front page friends
  14. tag @kinggeek
  15. review of
  16. the immunity in my group game
  17. honestly
  18. maybe i shouldve checked the cast
  19. +3 FROOKS!!
  20. updating one last time :3
  21. post a song!!
  22. i think i stole ur idea subconciously
  23. post a song (or songs idc)
  24. any future nostalgia ranking that
  25. everybody falling for this pyn AGAIN lmfao
  26. i cannot believe
  27. omgomgomg
  28. LET
  29. i dont understand ppl
  30. we're only in march and
  31. what the fuck is the algorithm
  32. thinking of never playing a game again
  33. who tf has the file to this
  34. so whats the point of being stuck in my house
  35. Funny Yellow Meme Dog
  36. No title
  37. my coronavirus test came back
  38. college is moved to online
  39. this blog is
  40. should i get a switch or a switch lite

No title

Nov 27, 2019 by mathboy9
> A. (Multi Deluxe): Survive 2 polls of your choice *ONLY WHEN YOU ARE NOMINATED*: (($11))
B. (Finals Package): Survive back to back all the way to finals, but no multis will be used in finals. (($15))
C. (Auto Winner): This is the best option we give out which 2 users have used so far and they’ve gotten the wins, this is a good deal because if you don’t win, the money will be returned. 100% Pay-Back. (($25))
D. (Sweet Bitterness): You will get finals but you can choose who goes home each and every single poll, you choose who you think is best for your game to take all the way to the finals and win. (($18))

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