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  1. how is the blogs page
  2. i got banned from hq
  3. P. Sherman
  4. ok
  5. does anybody who lives in Massachusetts
  6. yeah cardi b I'm back bitches
  7. is it REALLY a coincidence
  8. what happened with the good sis kat deluna
  9. omg
  10. i still think
  11. woo woo baby
  12. No title
  13. I was watching my cousin
  14. idk why nobody is talking about
  15. ok DONT NEG ME!!!
  16. who in their right mind
  17. thank u king
  19. I can't believe I have this username
  20. Y'all screaming about multis NOW
  21. Am I still the only one who sees a problem with..
  22. enrollment is in 4 minutes 30 seconds gl
  23. hit you with that
  24. I love how
  25. this will be my monument...
  26. you really thought you could delete that
  28. in more POSITIVE news
  29. WE DID IT!!
  32. why is this still up
  33. wowwww
  34. STOP
  35. paris hilton is a cunt
  36. oh I also remember
  37. But at least we ran
  38. but people have been posting proof
  39. i really only do log on here out of habit
  40. so now that

No title

Aug 12, 2018 by mathboy9
I am a journalist from South Carolina who is entrenched in local politics. I consider myself a conservative libertarian and I run an independent news site that has railed against corrupt politicians and public officials. I love discussing ideas with others and I intend to add some level of nuance in various political and philosophical discussions. I also watch Survivor.


Im grom south carolina too :)
Sent by HohKing,Aug 12, 2018
Im grom south carolina too :)
Sent by BluJay112,Aug 12, 2018
Im grom south carolina too :)
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 12, 2018

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