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  1. WHO IS
  2. the album is long gone from youtube now but
  3. well i did say
  4. we traced the call
  5. i just followed u
  6. omg ill hear back
  7. but fr u have me filtered
  8. just looked at my friendslist
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  10. i cant believe
  11. up at 3am
  12. yall acting like the government is gonna
  14. ive literally never seen somebody
  15. the gag is that
  16. this mashup always brings me back
  17. good morning =]
  18. but fr
  19. whats with 'straight men' on this site
  20. rate my avi
  21. spent my night
  22. Naomi Campbell could beat me up
  23. all rise
  24. need.
  25. also
  26. check email
  27. imagine being one of the
  28. miss her
  29. jay-z
  30. so what was the point
  31. proceed with caution
  32. love that for me
  33. heres your blog
  34. ItsAlexia 66.3%
  35. can you PLEASE
  36. kerli saved music with this one huh
  37. a tragedy.
  38. i still believe
  40. I will never forgive

Reminder: Las Vegas Shooting was FAKE

Feb 24, 2018 by mathboy9
23 automatic assault rifles, tons of ammunition, tv monitors, security cameras, power tools, metal sheeting; all brought up to the hotel room (UNDETECTED by hotel surveillance? Yet people get caught counting cards by these same cameras?!) Watch the footage. 60 people murdered, 100’s shot, No real blood, nobody falling over, no shell cases on the ground. The only kind of real-looking footage had to be on liveleaks?! Not in the news or from the actual victims? The rescues were done with pick up trucks and wheel barrels,  not ambulances. According to CNN the families of ‘victims’ weren’t allowed in the hospitals. People starting to run before the gunshots even began. According to witness testimony, everyone was funneled to one place where they couldn’t see the ‘live leaks’ theater performance. I could go on and on... and I WILL. This is just part 1.
Part 2:


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