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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


May 22, 2016 by jsylvia76
imageI want to thank everyone that came to play in my charity. I could not post tributes in the game because I was at work.

Special Thanks
these people:

13th: alaskanfiredragon: Mark: You are an amazing guy. I am really sorry you got evicted early but i appreciate you being there. You have been in pretty much all my charities and I think you are simply sweet and amazing.

12th: joshlyn34: Thank you for joining me. I always liked you but not sure why we never talk anymore or why you deleted me as a friend:( I am very sorry you got out early. I wish everyone stayed. Thank you for everything. Please add me

11th: ticofernandez: you are an amazing guy.One I am proud to know. You always help people out and always had my back. Thank you so much for helping.

10th: dabaebae: Raul: we go so far back. We used to play on. es all the time until they shut it down. I always want you to know how much i simply love you.

9th: jayelVeeIsBack: I helped in your charity so you helped in mine. You have always been so good to me. I considered you an amazing friend. You need to add me lol. I added you but you never added me:( Anytime you need help again for you or a friend let me know.:)

8th: carriexoxo24xo: We became much closer friends when we were playing on ,es. I am really glad I was playing on there because  I wouldnt of gotten to know you otherwise. I love you so much. You are so amazing and thank you for all you do for me. We need to talk more though.

7th: smuguy2012: matt: Why did you delete me as a friend:( That makes me sad. You always seem to be there when I have a charity. Always lending a hand. I love you dearly. Dont change who you are because you are amazing.

6th: wpwsers196: Martin: I do not know where to even start with you. You are someone special. Once of my best friends. You are always there when I need a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to no matter what time of day it is. You always bring positive vibes and always make me feel good about myself, You stuck up for me several times and others. I love you so much and I would not change our friendship for anything in the world.

5th: asupreme: dan: When i started .com and played a game with you, I dont know if we liked each other or not. The more I got to know you the more I adored you. You are funny and always make me smile. I love the friendship we share and I miss talking to you:( Thank you for all you do for me and always know I love you so much.

4th: k4r4k: kara. You are simply amazing. Anytime you dont win stars I always think you are robbed. You. We had our ups and our downs but no matter the situation you always find the time to still be my friend. I consider you one of my very true friends, who has never been fake to me and always told me how it is and no matter what anything throws at us we are always there for each other and always will be. I love you so much and ty for everything and always being there for me.

3rd: grrrimabear: Patrick: I dont see you around much, or maybe its because we are never in the same game. I am so glad you joined. I got to know you more and you seem like a very sweet person and someone I would always love to play with and be friends with. Thank you for being there and helping me.

Last but not least:

2nd: nicklove09: Our chats, our phone calls, our texts you are simply amazing!!!!I love you so much and words cannot describe how I feel about you, as you already know. I am so glad you made it for the charity. I love you dearly! Thank you for being a great friend and I hope we always stay friends.


Plus 15 congrats on your game
Sent by ticofernandez,May 22, 2016
Love you that was sweet. I wouldn't have missed it for the world .
Sent by nicklove09,May 22, 2016
Grats on you Charity jsylvia76 Love you sweetheart!
Sent by WpwSers196,May 22, 2016
thanks you are awesome congrats!
Sent by AlaskanFiredragon,May 22, 2016
Grats on your game, Jaime :)
Sent by woeisme,May 22, 2016
Congrats Jaime! :)
I'm so happy for you, let's do a castings soon xx
Sent by ASupreme,May 22, 2016
Grats, ily!
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,May 22, 2016
Congrats jsylvia76 wish I could have been on this list and you know that! Thanks to all this cast for making Jaime's charity a great success. She is a wonderful person and a friend that I know I will never lose entirely. Jaime I know things have drifted a bit but your still one amazing person!
Sent by makingallfall2,May 22, 2016

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