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just me

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I would like to give a huge thank you to those that came to my charity

13th: az12345: I am sure you did not know it was a charity. I do not know you and Im sorry I never got a chance to know you. Thank you for coming.

12th: robbyjak: Fellow frat memeber You seem so nice. I never told anyone how to nominate or vote this game as I adored everyone, I am really sorry you did not get farther. I appreciate you coming.

11th: smuguy2012: Matt! omg I love you so much! You are so amazing in every way. I was so happy you came, wish you got farther:(

10th: Thumper91: Lauren! My little angel. You are so caring and have suchy a good heart. I love you so much. You are a wonderful person and friend<3 I simply adore you.

9th: rory17: You seem so nice. I played with you a few times before and You seem so genuine and so sweet. Thank you for coming.

8th; kiara_xoxo: You are so sweet. Im so glad you came.

7th: clueliz: I am honestly lost for words here....What you did so you can come support my charity means alot. You are a sweet and wonderful person. Someone who I have gotten to know over the year and months and someone who is so true to herself and so positive and genuine.I love you!

6th: ticofernandez: I missed you sooo sooo much. You are so amazing and such a wonderful guy. I miss us talking all the time and playing. We need to catch up cuz you are awesome. I am so happy you came to my charity, thank you

5th: makingallfall2: I missed talking to you all the time like we use to:(
we need to start that again. I still consider you  a very good friend and it was so good to be able to have you in the game and talk. Thank you so much for coming. It meant alot to me.

4th: k4r4k: Kara! Where do I start with you? There so many things about you which make me simply adore you as a person and a frat president. You are amazing in every way. I love you so much. Thank you for being there for me.

3rd; onemanarmy: Scott! I miss us playing in games together as well as our talks we always had on skype. We need to chat more and catch up. I miss you so much and so glad you came to play in my charity.

2nd: Wpwsers196: You are my closest friend on here. You been there for me every s\single day, we been through good and bad. I simply adore you. Thank you for always being here for me. Love you.

I appreciate everyone and all my friends
asupreme and acyuta. Also everyone else that did not make it
I love you all.
I am willing to help in any charity
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Shop Owners Dec 3, 2016
I am in need of a Christmas design since I do not have one:(
If any shop owner can post one please let me know, whether its clothing or anything christmasy even a background. I am NOT asking anyone to gift me as I have way more than enough ts and can get it myself, I am just asking for something to be posted in shops. Thank you
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Charities Nov 7, 2016
May I please suggest if you are going to have a charity to be prepared!
Charities should not take over a day to fill that is absolutely insane.
Its frustrating for those who are waiting to play a game or other people who want to have a charity and are prepared.


just so everyone knows I help in several charites:)
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Birthday Charity Nov 5, 2016
imageI want to give a special thanks to everyone that helped me out in my charoty and celebrated my birthday with me

I love all of you

honeybunch1:  I love you and adore you. you are amazing and so genuine. I am so glad we are friends. Thank you so much for being here.

thumper91:  You are one of the sweetest people ever! I can see why people love you. What is there not to love. I simply adore you and you are one of my favorite people. I enjoy our texts.

skyler1822: You are simply amazing. Being in any game with you brings a smile to my face. You are lovely and never change who you are. Thank you for being there i enjoyed it:)

mouseter09: I met you through tico. You are amazing. I am so glad to have you part of the frat as well. I wish you made it farther as it is always lovely to have you around. Love you and thank you for being there.

k4r4k:  You already know how much i adore you and love you. We had our ups and downs in the past but that seem to bring us even closer than we were. You are someone I cna always talk to and vice versa. I love you so much and ty for being there for me.

ticofernandez: I always love the tico taco jokes. It did make me crave tacos though bur you always find a way to make me laugh and bring good energy into any game. Thank you for being who you are and being a good friend. I love you.

onemanarmy: Scott!!! I miss all the games we played together. I miss you in general. I will have to make sure I am on skype more so we can keep caught up. You have been an amazing friend and you always will be,

quackattack817:  Dennis I wish you were more active:( Talking to you is always a pleasure. I love you and was happy to see you and made time out of your day to come play. i love you.

Carriexoxo24xo: We go way back. You are so amazing and A really good friend to me. You have been there all the time for me and are always good to me. i love you to pieces.

DaBaeBae: Where do you go all the time:( I got excited because I though we actually have a chance to catch up then you go inactive:( Lets talk one day and get caught up. I miss you.

osiris: I enjoyed every minute of being in your charity helping a fellow frat mate out. I was happy to see you in mine. I am glad I got to know you more and you are a great person.
Thank you for helping.

ryanandrews. A special thank you goes to you especially. I appreciate you so much for letting me have my charity. I will still be gifting you once i here from you and A big thank you for being so wonderful and so kind. you are amazing.


wpwsers196: you are an awesome friend. I love you and you know how special you are to me. you are one of my closest friends on this site and nothing can ever replace that.

nicklove09: I knew you been busy. But i hope we can play another game together. I miss you so much an hope one day we can play catch up. I simply adore you, love you and miss you. You are amazing.

asupreme: i knew you were traveling without me of course lol, I remember way back on .es when i 1st met you that you stuck up for me. i fell in love with our friendship and knew you were going to be amazing. you always have my back and i love you.

acyuta:  Different time zones, i know makes it hard and im sorry. I love you and miss you and im sorry you didnt make it:(. I hope we play soon

dinosaurdan: OMG lets talk more okay?you barely missed the charitu by seconds and i love you. You were my 1st friend on this site and then you disappeared for what seemed like ages, Im glad you found your way back because I missed you
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!1 Oct 22, 2016
Happy Birthday osiris
I wish you a very special day and Im glad I had gotten to know you a little more
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Oct 22, 2016
Happy Birthday to a very special lady!
She is so sweet and so caring. I simply adore her and wish her all the best.

I love you lauren thumper91
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