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pyn part 2

May 26, 2014 by jsylvia76
It doesnt let me fit everything on 1st blog so ill continue with the opinions here

mouseter09: Good question. He was one of my very 1st friends on tengaged. He helped me become better in games. When I 1st started my games played was higher than my karma. He coached me to become more of a social player. I still do not do very well in games but 100 times better than I was doing. He has also been there for me through all my ups and downs. And my opinion of you is you are very very sweet and I always enjoy my talks to you.

@potatosalad: I really do not know you to well, however I love meeting people so I hope we meet and talk one day

gaiaphage: I like you from what I gotten to know of you. I haven’t played or seen you much but nothing bad to say about you.

bigjoefrimodt: You are very loyal to me. You are extremely trustworthy and I do not find many people like that. Thank you for being a great friend.

adampaulgrant: You been by my side every step of the way. Every time i was down you were there and got me back on my feet. There is never a time you were not there for me. I love you with all my heart.

xfalsify: I miss and love you so much:( I wish you would play here again and I play with you.

guigi:  I like that question. In my opinion every single tengager is amazing in their own way. I could sit here and name a good quality about everyone. My opinion of you is you are simply amazing < 3

makingallfall2: you been into blogging more lately only reason I thought that lol. You know how amazing you are you are one of my best friends.

reginageorge2nd: I do not know you. I hope we can change that as I love meeting new people:)

sweetgirls1008: I do not fall in love over the internet tbh. I am a shy person and being hurt in the past I need to meet the person before falling in love tbh. I will not even join a dating site. My opinion of you is you are very very sweet. I wish we could talk more, I miss our conversations:(

chloeox: I do not know you to well. I have played with you in games and you seem nice and I would love to get to know you better:)

mminervini219: Mark! I love you. You are such a good guy.  One of the quiet ones but a genuinly sweet guy and I love playing in games and talking to you.

RobertGuajardo: I hope we are still friends. I never had a problem with you and I consider you someone whos very loyal and always had my back. I would defintely hang out with you irl. You seem like such a fun person:)

Sam_Hamwich: I would not know what to say until I had a good talk with you the other night. You are one of the nicest people I have ever talked to. You are kind, considerate and so genuine. I am so happy I got to know you more.I hope we continue to grow our friendship and talk some more. I enjoy talking you you on skype and hope we have more conversations< 3

karebare: I remember when we were against each other in the beginning. I do not know what happened but we started talking and you became one of my best friends on this site. I could never replace you and I would never ever want to. You are always there for me just like I would always be there for you. I love you very very much < 3

kimmal8: I do not know you that well but my objective by doing this is getting to know everyone on tengaged. I want to know more about you:)

dhucking_Quacks: I played with you a few times and you always help in charities even when you are to busy. You are a loyal friend to those that are your friends and that is what I like about you. I hope I get to talk to you more.

thesexiestdude990: I saved you in stars , in every stars game. I know we had our ups and downs but I know or hope you know I like you as a person. I never hated you or had anything against you and honestly not sure why people do:(

carterbehne: You are one of the best noobs I ever seen play a game. A very smart player. You are someone I would love to get to know more about:)

alireza1373: what the hell happened with us lol.We use to play together all the time and now we never do. I still think you are simply amazing. Do not ever change who you are because you are perfect < 3

argai: I played with you a couple times. We have not talked a much as I would like. I would like to change that.

samnala: You are a decent person with good values.You look out for friends and sometimes get the short end of the stick like me. I really like you and you are amazing:)

underwzc: zach!!! Omg i love you to pieces! You always help on charities without a fail. I love you so so much. You are like my brother.

Thetdirobi: You were one of the very first people I had met and you are one of the most loyal people I ever met. Always true to your word and been with me since the beginning. Thank you for all you have done and said to me< 3

michaelfisher: I dont play with you much here but playing with you on .es you are a decent guy with lots of respect and very polite. You been always nice to me and ty for that < 3

buildie: Omg it was good to see you again the other day. Sometimes i wonder if you hate me but even if you ever did i still love you:)

somebodyawesome: omg sim i love you! I miss you so much. where have you been? Talk to me again. I love our talks:)

winners1: I do not really know you but would love to get to know you:)

coffeybean94: any friend of dans is a friend of mine. I adore you and i love the casting that one dan, you and I played in we have many good times and you are such a nice guy


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