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4thMay 26, 2014 by jsylvia76
thumper91: you are amazing. I love you so much. You and I always have some good chats. You are sweet and always helping people out in charities. I hope we always stay friends because your friendship is amazing .Thank you for everything. I always want us to remain friends and chat more often

rellizuraddixion: I do not know why we never talk:( You seem like a really cool person and I seen you around a lot. I really hope we talk one day.

carlisle: I do not get to play with you much but when I do you are always so nice and sweet. Dont ever change who you are:)

cardinalsfan23: I am so glad to have you part of the frat. You seem very nice and wonderful to get to know:)

umtgm59: I never heard of you or seen you but i hope we can change that. and i am totally against tengaged bullying so of course.

skyler1822: you are simply amazing. I love you so much. You always make me feel so much better about myself when the world has dragged me down. I love you girl more than words can say < 3

coreyants: I still love you. I am not even sure why people hate you. I dont even know why people hate me lol. Anyway you really are a wonderful person and I love you very much. We don’t talk much and mostly it is because I rarely sign on the skype nowadays because it is annoying lol.

woollybear98: We met in that one charity game I think it was but it don’t matter. You are so kind and sweet and really genuine. Why don’t we talk anymore I missed you since that game. I hope we play again. You are amazing.

acyuta. Omg you are such a sweetie. You never have a mean word to say about anyone. That’s why I love you so much. I have learned so much about you. You are so patient and we still need to play a game together one day. I love you 

quackattack: You are a very quiet person, but at the same time you are very nice. Everytime I talk to you  seem down to earth and such a nice person. I would love to continue talking to you and know you more because I like what I see so far

dinosaurdan: I have many favorite memories of you. I guess my favorite one was when I first met you in the casting. You are friendly sweet and so nice to everyone. We even live in the same state. I love you so much. Every time we talk we have grown closer. It is like you are my brother. I miss you when we go those long times without talking. Thank you for always being an amazing friend and I love you to pieces < 3

theblackdog: We never play together I remember back in the day when I 1st joined tengaged, you were in one of my very first games. You were so helpful.

marwane. You left us in the frat but you left to a good friend of mine so im fine with it  Anyway you seem pretty chill and very sweet. You are also loyal which I like too

maxi1234: I never had a problem with you. I always liked you. I think you hate me not sure. I still like you though as I don’t really hate anyone 

mattmon3365: We don’t really play that often and I do not see you around much anymore. You seem nice when I have played with you.

macken: We never talk anymore so I just figured you hated me. I still enjoy your company and still think you are sweet and kind.

zinger: I do not really know you but I hope we can change that

Vindaloo: I am not sure what to think anymore. I feel I lost you as a friend, as far as I know I never done anything wrong to you. I still like you no matter what and always thought you were amazing.

Bengalboy: I do not really know you or really haven’t played with you, I hope we change that.

helencoops: From what I seen, you seem to get along with everyone. I hope one day we talk to each other. I would love to get to know the wonderful helencoops

tyler93: I am old (36) I get carded for everything because I look like I am 18 lol. Anyway Tyler I simply adore you. We have become closer and I love you so much. You are one of the sweetest guys I met and gotten to know. We need to talk more often. < 3

unkown: yes you are simply amazing. Simply wonderful.

carsonl: where have you been all my life. We sure do need to talk more. I miss you and miss our talks. You are a true friend and always been there for me. Lets talk again ok

swaggy: I love you so much like family. You are so sweet and so loveable. Who wouldn’t love you. Thank you for being you and being who you are. I love you so much. Lets talk again. I miss our chats.

alaskanfiredragon: That’s not true I love youuuu. Who wouldn’t like someone as sweet as you? Your friendly and very easy to get along with. I simply adore you.

joshlyn34: Why do we not talk anymore? I miss you. I remember when we use to hate each other and be on opposite sides. We became friends in a casting and I am glad we did. You really are a decent person

brink: Omg I miss you so much. We use to play together all the time and I miss playing with you. We need to play again for sure.

music: I have many favorite memories of us. The talks we have. Our 1st game together. It was a casting and we just started talking. We got along so well. Ever since then you been my rock and my supporter ily mitch < 3

k4r4k: my perfect day would be on a nice hot summer day going to the beach and walking the boardwalk with someone I love. If that cant happen then any day off from work is perfect lol. My opinion of you is I miss you very much. You are sweet, genuine and have a heart of gold. You are always there to help someone out when they need you. I hope we talk again because I miss talking to you. I love you < 3

stuartlittle16: It was so nice to play with you the other day. We were so close back in the day. I think we still are. I know you been busy but I would love to talk more. I miss our chats. You are such a good person;)


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ok babe
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Aww Ily so much! This made my day.. :)
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me plz
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Oh dear god which one of these am i supposed to say me? :P
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meee (nightmare on .es)
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