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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Low quality blog game 2 DAY 4.5

Apr 6, 2024 by jooj
Yonaka                  230
Tester                      127
jojo_strawberree     42
brosky17                 37
Daniel473612         30
Fendimania              20馃煡
PrincessKandi2014 -1
adamgrant             -2馃煡

The next challenge is...Negative Scare!
There are 20 cards numbered 1-20.You also have 20 tokens.
You must pick 4 cards,however each card takes away tokens.After the cards' effects are played out, you will exchange your tokens for 50 points each.Negative amounts of tokens = negative points.

Don't forget to pick FOUR cards!
You can still comment to join even if you're eliminated.

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