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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Twelve Words Of Wisdom 0A

Dec 20, 2023 by jooj
This blog game is inspired by carykh's Ten Words Of Wisdom and Eleven Words Of Wisdom.

This will be a very complex game,so be ready.

Every round will be split in an A part and a B part.
In each B part,a new prompt will be revealed, which you must answer in twelve words or fewer. RESPONSES MUST BE SENT THROUGH MESSAGES!
Also,if in any round you don't send a response or send it in the comments, you're automatically eliminated!No excuses!

In each A part, the responses will be revealed anonymously,each being assigned a letter. You don't need to rank ALL of them, no punishments will be given out if you don't rank all of them. You will rank them by putting the letters in square brackets and then the response letters from left to right, best to worst. Example: [ABCEDGRT]. Anyone can vote!
You can even rank your response in front, and I suggest you do,  not ranking your own response thins down your survival chance.

Voting MUST be in the comments!

In each B part,the voting results are revealed. Each responses' average rank is calculated and shown on the leaderboard.The top 10% of players will recieve a prize for the next episode, while the bottom 20% (not including people who don't send a response) will be eliminated.This means that starting with the final 7, only one player will be eliminated each round.

I won't be surprised if we don't get many people,this is very complicated.An UNLIMITED amount of people can join! If we get at least 10, we can start.

To sign up, you must COMMENT on this or the 0B blog.Also, I might participate, because you have no way of knowing which response could be mine until the B part.

The prompt will be revealed in TWOW 0B.That's all for this part, see you next time!


Don鈥檛 understand this at all! Sign me up!
Sent by jojo_strawberree,Dec 20, 2023
Plus, no understand!
Sent by IMon,Dec 20, 2023
Sent by FighterMan,Dec 20, 2023
Sent by adamgrant,Dec 20, 2023
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Sent by Madame,Dec 20, 2023

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