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low quality blog game FINALE / DAY 7

Nov 30, 2023 by jooj
Well, this was fun.
But all fun things must come to an end.
Congratulations to the 3 finalists for lasting a whole week!
Anyways, time to announce the winner.
A whopping TWELVE votes were cast.
Out of those...

...none were for Cannonical .
And, by a vote of 9-3...



galore WINS!
Like I said in the sign-ups, I don't know how to gift people T$, so no prize until you guys tell me how.
Thanks for sticking around until the end! Jooj, signing out.
1st- galore (Day 2,Day 7)
2nd- verizonwireless (Day 7)
3rd- Cannonical(Day 7)
4th- tcold312 (Day 6)
5th- LooseyLaduca (Day 5)
6th - adamgrant (Day 3)


Sent by galore,Nov 30, 2023
1st person out to 1st place
Sent by galore,Nov 30, 2023

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