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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Twelve Words Of Wisdom 1B

Dec 25, 2023 by jooj
Merry Christmas!
I decided to upload this earlier.

Before we get to the eliminations,let's see who had which response.
A- IMon
B-Don鈥檛 expect what is not worked for. jojo_strawberree
C- adamgrant
D- Madame
E-TWOW is a gameshow revolving aro饾惍nd general knowledge. jooj
F- BrookeMaddox
G- FighterMan

If you thought your response might not be voted at all,don't worry! Each response got 2 or 3 votes.
Now,for the voting results.
The scores are percentages. The lowest you can get is 30%,and highest is 90%.Some results were rounded up.
(Ex. 95.6%=96%)
If you're under the red line,you're out.


1st- jojo_strawberree - 87%
2nd- jooj - 77%
3rd- Imon - 75%
4th- Madame - 63%
5th- adamgrant - 45%
6th- BrookeMaddox - 45%
7th- @FighterMan-35%

But Wait!
We haven't applied BrookeMaddox 's 5% advantage and jooj 's 1% disatvantage!


1st- jojo_strawberree - 87%
2nd- jooj - 76%
3rd- Imon - 75%
4th- Madame - 63%
5th- BrookeMaddox - 50%
6th- adamgrant - 45%
7th- @FighterMan-35%

Unfortunately, FighterMan and Adam have been eliminated...
Also, ACTIVITY WARNING! For BrookeMaddox , IMon and Madame , if you don't send a response,you're automatically eliminated!

Because of the low activity rate, you CAN still join! Ping anyone,everyone,SOMEONE who might want to join! We really need active people.

Now,for the second prompt: You're in MrBeast's "Last to leave the circle" challenge. What do you do to win? Remember,you can only use twelve or less words!

For being in the top 2, jooj and jojo_strawberree will gain a 2% and 5% advantage respectively.You have until Thursday , 8PM EET to send a response.

That's all for now,see you next time!

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