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Big Brother Garden of Eden - APPS OUT NOW!

Jun 25, 2019 by iichaoskimmy
"Let there be light, and there was light"

The Garden of Eden; mythical birthplace of humanity, rich and lush, filled that all we could desire, and hosting our ultimate temptation - the Tree of Knowledge. Adam and Eve made the untimely choice of stealing fruit from its branches, tempted by evil in its purest form, and for that they fell, perhaps the greatest downfall in history.

Now, as 16 strangers enter the Big Brother house for the first season of Kimmy & Purple's, they will soon face their own forms of temptation. With new twists at every corner, who will manage to claw their way to victory? HoH after HoH, and Pov after Pov will pass, with one person eliminated and another person gaining control.

Who will have what it takes to win?

Who will resist temptation or take it?

Who will rise, and who will fall?

In a game like Big Brother where faith is paramount, can you withstand the rushing tide, or will you be swept away to your own fall from grace?



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