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Rpdr Episode 7 Untucked

Apr 12, 2019 by iichaoskimmy
That untucked was like world war rpdr

Silky vs Yvie - WTF at Silky acting like Yvie came for her first? She clearly said Yvie's name first so why act salty when it comes back around.

Plastique vs Rajah - Rajah just LEAVE. You couldn't even let Plastique have her moment. Yeah sure maybe she got all those messages in one week but that's not her fault and she doesn't deserve to be shouted at because of something out of her control. Plastique seemed so disorientated by the whole argument and didn't really react properly to it.

Vangie vs Yvie - Both of them had valid points. Yvie needs to tone down her aggression. I love her, but either learn to how to give constructive criticism or don't say anything. Vangie DOES need to step it up but there was better ways of telling her.

Brooke Lynn's apathy to everything was just hilarious btw omg



Brooke Lynn's apathy to everything was just hilarious btw omg

Literally this made me stan her XD
Sent by rodrigueseve,Apr 12, 2019

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