Big Brother and online Hunger games.

What would you guys give

Feb 18, 2019 by iichaoskimmy
Russian Doll out of 10?
I wanna watch it but idk if it'll be good or not because its getting mixed reactions off my friends.
1 being: a treatment for insomnia.
10 being: how dare you even question the greatest Netflix Series on earth!


Sent by BrainJak,Feb 18, 2019
Jayson she's been on for ages BrainJak
Sent by purplebb4,Feb 18, 2019
I started watching it last night it's good
Sent by Chic,Feb 18, 2019
BrainJak A fake fan! >:O
jk I missed you <333
Sent by iichaoskimmy,Feb 18, 2019

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