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Ok some fucked up drug shit happened me last night

Jan 14, 2020 by iiVoloxity
I was out at a club in Belfast and it was like just after 1 and I was like at the front of the dance floor. The DJ then put on some black and white strobe lights and all of sudden my vision went to like TV static and I couldn't see and my whole body seized up and started convulsing, like I was having a fit. It lasted a few seconds so luckily I didnt fall over. I got real scared and tried to get out of the crowd but there was so many people and it took me a while to get out and it happened 2 times again when I was trying to get out. I would say the MDMA, sleep deprivation, caffeine intake, alcohol, lack of food and dehydration all added to that


stop doing drugs
Sent by LovelyKiss,Jan 14, 2020

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