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Is Techno a flex in America Jul 6, 2020
Or is it just a British/Irish thing?
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Was I the only one sure Jun 27, 2020
That this weeks lip sync assassin on All Stars 5 was Kameron Michaels. Like as soon as I saw the outfit and body I was sure it was her, guess I was wrong
#rpdr #allstars5
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Biggest Robbery on EscapeTheNight Jun 18, 2020
For me it has to be Safiya
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Also Oh Wow Jun 14, 2020
tommeh208 you really did that congrats king!
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Ultimate Drag Race All Stars Cast Jun 14, 2020
Fantasy season of drag race all stars in which queens that appeared on AS2-AS4 return and compete again for the crown.

AS2- Detox
-Phi Phi

AS3- Shangela

AS4- Monique

If I was to just do use these 3 All Star Seasons I would cast Katya and Thorgy also. Left 2 spots open for potential All Stars 5 girls
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Pixar Movies Ranking Jun 9, 2020
I went and rewatched all of the Pixar Movies over the past week (excluding Onward as it isnt on Disney Plus) and decided to rank them.

1. Finding Dory
2. The Incredibles
3. Wall-E
4. Inside Out
5. Toy Story 3
6. Monsters University
7. Brave
8. Coco
9. Toy Story
10. Toy Story 2
11. Finding Nemo
12. The Incredibles 2
13. Monsters Inc
14. The Good Dinosaur
15. Up
16. Ratatouille
17. Cars 2
18. Cars
19. A Bugs Life
20. Toy Story 4
21. Cars 3

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