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All Stars 5 Ranking

May 8, 2020 by iiVoloxity
1. Miz Cracker
2. Shea Coulee
3. Mayhem Miller
4. Ongina
5. Jujubee
6. Blair St. Clair
7. Mariah
8. Derrick Barry
9. Alexis Mateo
10. India Ferrah

I think the top 2/3 is kinda obvious aswell as the season winner. Im shocked at some of the casting though cause youve got some big all star names and then some people I wouldve never expected to see on drag race again


poor india... but same
Sent by Carrot,May 8, 2020
Miz Cracker is the least funny queen to ever be on the show.  Zero idea how she has a fanbase.  India is my WINNER because she has no reason to be there which makes me love her casting even more.  Plussed though even though your opinions are...nowhere near mine.
Sent by Sebbers,May 8, 2020
so why did we cast india again
Sent by SharonMaItems,May 8, 2020
sips it sebbers
Sent by sihz,May 8, 2020

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