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Rocky's Music Taste - Episode 3 (Anything with James Arthur)

Apr 2, 2023 by humanwebjet1
Hey there, peeps! Welcome back to Rocky's Music Taste game! This is our third episode and I'm your host, Rocky.

Firstly, I want to say a big thank you to all of our returning players. You guys have been amazing, and we're so happy to have you back for another episode.

Alright, let's get this party started! This episode is gonna be a wild ride, folks. You might love it, you might hate it, but I'm telling you right now - I've been waiting for this moment and it's gonna be epic! We're gonna be exploring the music of an artist that I absolutely adore with my whole heart... drumroll please... JAMES ARTHUR!
I can already hear the cheers and applause from all you James Arthur fans out there. Are you ready to jam out to some of his greatest hits and discover some new ones? I know I am!
So get ready to have your minds blown and your ears serenaded, because this episode is all about James Arthur, baby! Let's do this!

crowd roars

Theme: Anything with James Arthur!

As I’ve previously mentioned subtly in the comment section on last episode’s results, I’ll be scrapping the bonus points system but I’ll be still providing some riddles to make this experience more fun and memorable! Here it is:

In Hollywood's bright and glitzy town,
One star stands tall with a fiery crown.
With Aussie roots and piercing blue eyes,
His rise to fame was a meteoric rise.

He's played a love interest and a hero too,
Fought with flames and gone to the moon.
From his looks to his talent, he's got it all,
A triple threat, he's standing tall.

But who am I, you may ask with glee?
I won't give it away, can you guess me?
A brother to another star he be,
But his own path he carved, don't you see?

With his charm and wit, he's won our hearts,
From coast to coast, his fame imparts.
A puzzle for you, can you solve it?
Who is this Aussie star, can you admit?

Answer: ???

Back to theme, I’m just going to ban this song for now cause it’s been very overplayed and I know for sure someone would have went for it … XD

Well let’s see how this goes! We’ve got 9 players and left and James definitely has something from everyone from his released songs to his unreleased, enjoy my LOVELIES!

1) Ajathekween
2) reallyreally - Naked
3) Jameslu - Train Wreck
4) Tester - Say You Won't Let Go
5) tswiftlover13 - Wolves
6) Moviemusicguy123 - Medicine
7) boozes - September
8) rory17
9) MrRobzilla - You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You

DEADLINE: 04/03/2023 (Tomorrow) at 5 PM


Sent by Tester,Apr 2, 2023
Sent by Moviemusicguy123,Apr 2, 2023
Moviemusicguy123 lol specifically mentioned that this wasn't allowed to be posted XD
Sent by humanwebjet1,Apr 2, 2023
LOL! I didn't notice that. I'll listen to my other liked songs from him on Spotify.
Sent by Moviemusicguy123,Apr 2, 2023
Sent by MrRobzilla,Apr 2, 2023
Sent by Moviemusicguy123,Apr 2, 2023
Sent by boozes,Apr 2, 2023
Sent by tswiftlover13,Apr 2, 2023
Sent by tswiftlover13,Apr 2, 2023
Sent by reallyreally,Apr 2, 2023
Not Tester taking the only song I knew from James... 💀🤭
Sent by MrRobzilla,Apr 3, 2023
I have nothing to submit
Sent by rory17,Apr 3, 2023
Sent by Jameslu,Apr 3, 2023
Sent by humanwebjet1,Apr 3, 2023

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