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Rocky's Music Taste - Episode 1 Results

Mar 26, 2023 by humanwebjet1
AAHH! Welcome to the very first episode to Rocky’s Music Taste and if you can’t tell I’m excited to be giving some rankings tonight! I was particularly please to see the great selection of posts that players have submitted. Although the theme was Alt-Pop Queens I also got to see your definition and in a way taste of your interpretation of this genre. I won’t be rambling on so let’s start with some comments:

boozes - Lose You To Love Me by Selena Gomez: I think there was a misconception that just because the riddle’s answer was Selena Gomez, a few peeps assumed that I was obsessed with her but that’s false tbh. I’d like to mention that I like some of her music but the riddle was meant to be easy since it’s the first episode so I went with popular knowledge. Anyways, this is actually one of my favourite songs of hers and it has been on my playlist for a while like the emotion and power behind her lyrics it’s so alluring that I love it. Don’t let me start with the chorus, great submission!

rory17 - Let Them Know by Mabel: I had to give this song another listen because I forgot what it sounded like tbh. Upon the second listen, it grew on me and the vibe is so attractive “Body SHAPED LIKE COCA-COLA.” You’re not off to a bad start at all and Mabel is now in my radar when I’m looking for some bad bitch motivation!

tswiftlover13 - Tears of Gold by Faouzia: AHHH well you already know I love Faouzia tbh! This song is still gold to my ears and forever will be timeless. The song has a hauntingly beautiful melody and the lyrics are both poignant and empowering. Faouzia's vocals are stunning, and she delivers the lyrics with such emotion and intensity that it gives me chills every time I listen to it. The lyrics, my goodness, it resonates with me deeply and to my core! *claps*

Moviemusicguy123 - My Mind and Me by Selena Gomez: I’d say compared to the other Selena songs this is my least favourite unfortunately. It doesn’t stand out too much to me in comparison to the others, or maybe cause this is the first time I’m listening to it. I find the song to be a bit repetitive and lacking in dynamics. The melody doesn't vary much throughout the song, and while this can work for some songs, I feel like it makes "My Mind and Me" drag a bit.

MrRobzilla - Here's to Never Growing Up by Avril Lavigne: Avrilll my low-key lover, Wow, this song is just pure energy and excitement! The upbeat rhythm and Avril's powerful vocals just make you want to jump up and dance along. This song is definitely going to be on repeat for a while. *giggles*

Jameslu - Explosions by Ellie Goulding: Woow I’m familiar with Ellie but I’ve never heard this song either! I am super intrigued and you slayed with this song choice cause VOCALS! The haunting melody and Ellie's ethereal vocals immediately draw you in and create a sense of MYSTERY!  I can't believe I've never heard this song before, but I'm so glad I stumbled upon it now. *claps*

Tester - Team by Lorde: No NONO, Queen of Alt-Pop like I’ve been obsessed with you but I don’t really make it known, well until now! This is an absolute masterpiece and literally the empowerment is just overwhelmingly taking me right now. This is one of those songs that you unknowingly forget about but then geek out when you find it once more. Knocked it out of the park BOOM!

LooseyLaduca - Coochie by Shygirl: Ouch, well I could not get into this at all and I’d say this is far from my music taste. That being said, it is important to recognize that different individuals have different preferences and opinions, and what one person may view as a negative aspect of a song, another person may appreciate as an artistic choice. Good luck on this round!

Ajathekween - Pacify Her by Melanie Martinez:  I feel like this is on the same level like the Coochie Song, I hear the alternative but I don’t feel intrigued by it. It is different, but the overall production didn’t do it for me. Effort is appreciated tho!

reallyreally - Quicksand by Hatchie: My goodness, like the more I gave 1st, 2nd and 3rd listens to decide the rankings it was SO HARD! After these comments I’ve got to check these rankings again to make sure I’m making the right decision. I’ll show the rankings but the top 5 slayed my music taste and I believe this would provide more hints! Never heard of Quicksand but as you all can tell I’m obsessed with this too like this is a song I’d listen to over and over again. BOOM! *claps*

PenguinOwen126 - The Heart Wants What It Wants by Selena Gomez: The 3rd Selena song, you all didn’t come to play eh cause I’d say I like this song but Lose You to Love Me is hard to top tbh by comparing you all 3. Surprisingly no one botched her song this round so *claps*

Lifeiscool: Unfortunately you posted after the deadline and to be fair to other players you have been DQ’ed. Mhhm I’m trying to connect this to the theme, but if you posted on time I think this would have been in the bottom. Cheers!

Well, now that all the comments are done I’ll be calling on the safe players:


Congratulations! Hopefully the middle pack can shine through in the next episode!

I’d like to address the top scorers this episode: #reallyreally, #MrRobzilla, #Tester and #tswiftlover13:
Congratulations to #Tester!
This was an actual slay and I was honestly surprised to see Lorde on here!!! But honestly you all brought it this episode and it was kind of hard to decide everyone’s placements!

Which brings me to the bottom: #LooseyLaduca, #Moviemusicguy123, and #Ajathekween. Even though we had a DQ the show must go on and one of you shall be leaving! It will be:

#LooseyLaduca ! It was nice to see a fresh face but the song choice was not it for me at all, appreciate the time you took to play!

Well that is all peeps, the first episode of Rocky’s Music Taste is out and the 2nd one will be coming up soon enough! Keep it up and don’t be too rocky in your decision *winks*


1st - 10 #Tester +2: 12 points
2nd - 8.5 #MrRobzilla: 8.5 points
3rd - 8  #reallyreally : 8 points
4th - 7.5 #tswiftlover13 : 7.5 points
5th - 7 #Jameslu : 7 points
6th - 5 #PenguinOwen126 + 2 points : 7 ponts - ORIGINALLY 8TH
7th - 6.5 #boozes : 6.5 points
8th - 6.0 #rory17 : 6 points
9th - 3 #Moviemusicguy123 : 3 points
10th - 2 #Ajathekween : 2 points
11th - 1 #LooseyLaduca: 1 point

1) Ajathekween
2) reallyreally
3) Jameslu
4) Tester
5) tswiftlover13
6) Moviemusicguy123
7) boozes
8) PenguinOwen126
9) rory17
10) MrRobzilla

11th) LooseyLaduca -ELIMINATED
12th) Lifeiscool - DQ



It's for the best then
Sent by LooseyLaduca,Mar 27, 2023
2nd place... Not bad🤭
Sent by MrRobzilla,Mar 27, 2023
Sent by Tester,Mar 27, 2023
Posting Selena’s latest song release on Spotify didn’t pay off:( at least I’m not eliminated though.
Sent by Moviemusicguy123,Mar 27, 2023
Congrats Tester
Sent by tswiftlover13,Mar 27, 2023
Congrats Drew! 🧡👑
Sent by MrRobzilla,Mar 27, 2023

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