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Rocky's Music Taste - Episode 2 (Songs from 2022-2023 only)

Mar 27, 2023 by humanwebjet1
Hello and welcome back to Rocky's Music Taste. I'm your host, Rocky duh, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with the last episode. The music selections were literally SLAY!!! I’m excited to see what else our players have in store for us in the upcoming episodes.

Our previous players brought their A-game, and I have no doubt that they set the bar high for our future players. It's one of the things that makes this show so special. To our viewers out there, get ready for another exciting episode. So, without further ado, let's kick off this next episode of Rocky's Music Taste!

In the first episode, the theme was Alt-Pop Queens and now I’d like to switch up things totally, in my opinion, for the second episode! Although, we love our throwbacks and well known songs but I want to see what else you could bring to the table. Today, we're getting a sneak peek into the future with our theme of "Songs from 2022-2023.” You might want to showcase your favourite artist’s new work or MAYBEEEE … someone we’ve never heard of before. Keep in mind the comments and how the rankings went last episode to guide yourself to victory HURRAH!!!

Theme: Songs from 2022-2023 only

Here’s the most awaited part, I hope *giggles* This episode’s riddle:

I'm a band that's known for my unique sound,
With a frontman who can often be found,
Singing his heart out on stage,
And leaving fans in awe with every single phrase.

I hail from the land of the Union Jack,
Where I started out playing in small pubs and shacks.
But now I've got fans all over the world,
And my music has been unfurled.

Some say my sound is alternative,
But to me it's just my way to live,
And express my feelings and my art,
Through every beat and every heart.

So, can you guess my name,
And join the millions who have found their fame,
Through my music that's touched their soul,
And left them feeling whole?

Who am I?


I was unsure if it was fair to randomly post a riddle and pick the quickest ones especially since everyone has something they’re doing. I’ll allow 2 guesses per person but I won’t be revealing if it is right until everyone’s posted a song. Also, you can submit your guess with your song choice! 2 people will bee getting +2 points.


1) Ajathekween - Immature by FLO
2) reallyreally - Nonsense by Sabrina Carpenter
3) Jameslu - People by Libianca
4) Tester - Angels Fly by Louis Tomlinson
5) tswiftlover13 - Ice Cream Man by Raye
6) Moviemusicguy123 - GODDESS by PVRIS
7) boozes - In the Stars by Benson Boone
8) PenguinOwen126
9) rory17 - Hot In It by Tiësto & Charli XCX
10) MrRobzilla - Nervous by John Legend

DEADLINE: 03/28/2023 at 5 PM


my guess; coldplay

i just wanted to say this song is very new but has been playing non stop in my ear buds cause this is such a relatable song for anyone who's gone through this.
the quote 'evil has more power over us in the dark than it does in the light' speaks volumes!
stuff like this need to be brought out into the light and not suppressed because it will continue to happen.
Sent by tswiftlover13,Mar 27, 2023
Guess: Coldplay

Sent by rory17,Mar 27, 2023
I'll also guess Coldplay.

Sent by Tester,Mar 27, 2023
Guess: OneRepublic

Sent by Jameslu,Mar 27, 2023
My other guess is U2
Sent by rory17,Mar 27, 2023
Actually nvm I'll submit this song instead:

My guesses are Coldplay & U2.
Sent by Tester,Mar 27, 2023
My guesses are Arctic Monkeys and Oasis

Sent by reallyreally,Mar 27, 2023
Sent by Ajathekween,Mar 27, 2023
My guess is Arctic Monkeys
Sent by Moviemusicguy123,Mar 27, 2023
Sent by Moviemusicguy123,Mar 27, 2023
My guess is Linkin park and radio head
Sent by boozes,Mar 27, 2023
I really love this song alot and he's been my favorite artist so far within the two years
Sent by boozes,Mar 27, 2023

My guesses... U2 + Linkin Park... I'm just being random 😂😂
Sent by MrRobzilla,Mar 28, 2023
Since two people picked U2 already... I'm switched to "Four letter lie"!
Sent by MrRobzilla,Mar 28, 2023
Sent by humanwebjet1,Mar 28, 2023
Results coming 03/31!
Sent by humanwebjet1,Mar 30, 2023

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