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Rocky's Music Taste - Episode 2 Results

Apr 1, 2023 by humanwebjet1
Rocky - Is this on? Are we rolling??

Greetings, my lovely audience! As you are already aware, welcome back to Rocky's Music Taste. This is a show where we explore different musical themes and genres every episode. As a refresher, the theme for episode 2 was "Songs from 2022-2023 only".

Well, I have to say, this episode is going to be a doozy. I don't know about you, but no one likes to be taken out of their comfort zone, and that's exactly what we're going to do throughout this season. But that's the whole point of this show. We want to push you out of your comfort zone and introduce you to new sounds and genres that you might not have explored before. Each episode, we'll up the difficulty level because we're looking for one thing: the champion of Rocky's Music Taste! Anyways let’s get to the results this episode:

rory17 - Hot In It by Tiësto & Charli XCX: I’ve got to say that you’ve been bringing the fun and serving vibes since you’ve started! From the pulsating beat to Charli XCX's fierce vocals, everything about this song screams energy and excitement.  I would 100% listen to this song a couple of times. Well done!

Jameslu - People by Libianca: OKAY SOO … I’m trying so hard to behave myself and also hold in the excitement because let’s all look a this link:
I rest my case!!! Ultimate slay because I love Libianca and when I first came across this song I was my whole essence was captured! I probably make no sense right now but thank you for showcasing her this episode!

reallyreally - Nonsense by Sabrina Carpenter: Honestly, judging this episode is probably going to be the hardest thing ever and it shouldn’t be … we’re only on the 2nd one. I would have to say though that I don’t particularly love this song, I like it but compared to others it is falling short quite a bit unfortunately we shall see how this night goes!

Moviemusicguy123 - GODDESS by PVRIS: Omg PVRIS is in the house! Another band that I absolutely love and was thankful to have come across. Mhmm this song, I’m loving the setting and the whole eery production. I don’t love love the song like it’s not that much of a standout. I think you’re getting progressively getting there and it is only episode 2 so there’s still room for improvement.

MrRobzilla - Nervous by John Legend: I love me some good ol’ John Legend! First time listening to this song and wow vocals come throughhhh, you’re giving me ideas for upcoming episodes. The lyrics are so raw and honest, and the melody is so soulful and uplifting. His voice is simply angelic on this track, and the instrumentation perfectly complements the mood of the song. *claps*

tswiftlover13 - Ice Cream Man by Raye: *cries* Ohhh you literally came for my emotions today!!! The lyrics are so raw and heartfelt, and the melody is hauntingly beautiful. I love how she expresses her vulnerability and yearning in the lyrics, and her performance is filled with it! Wow just complete wow, this is going to be hard episode to rank tbh. *claps*

Tester - Angels Fly by Louis Tomlinson: Mmhmmmmm! You had a song change and I was like ooppp- why? I hate to do this to you but I preferred the other one, but hey it’s your choice right and you wanna showcase yourself too! I wouldn’t say that I don’t like this song, but it’s giving me middle-lower pack ish sadly.

Ajathekween - Immature by FLO: Come through with the choreography and vocals!! Let’s forget those for a second and the instrumentals are to die for, like I find myself often zoning out during the lyrics and digging deep into the song’s core meh! I’d say good effort this episode!

boozes - In the Stars by Benson Boone: Okay like WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN THIS EPISODE! Two-way tie? Three-way tie? Like you all did not come to play and the way the selections have been matching my taste is super insane! But hey we’ve all got that soft and ROCKY side. Honestly great choice for this song and I see why you’re particularly fond of it.

PenguinOwen126 - Another DQ fun!!!

Well, now that all the comments are done I’ll be calling on the safe players:

OUUPPP- Before I forget the answer to the riddle was … COLDPLAY! Congrats to #tswiftlover13  and #rory17 for getting it right and both of you will be getting +2 points.

Well, now that all the comments are done I’ll be calling on the safe players:


Congratulations! Y’all have to come through for episode 3!!!

I’d like to address the top scorers this episode:  #Jameslu , #rory17  and #tswiftlover13 :

Congratulations to #tswiftlover13  and #Jameslu ! I was so torn and I literally could not pick only one person as the winner for this episode. This goes to show that you both pulled out pure GOLD for all of us to experience this episode. Thank you!!

Which brings me to the bottom: #Tester  and #reallyreally . Well we had another DQ, so what will happen?

I’d honestly like to say that both of you did not do bad at all. Usually, songs that I put at the bottom are tragic but literally episode 2 and this is becoming fierce. So after my mini rant I’d like to say that:
You both are staying for another day! This DQ business is ruining my plans but clearly the players that are left are in this to WIN THIS!

Well that is all peeps, the 2nd episode of Rocky’s Music Taste is out and the 3rd one will be coming up soon enough! I need to get me some tissues after this *cries*


1st: #Jameslu
1st: #tswiftlover13  + 2 points! STILL 1st!
2nd: #boozes
3rd: #MrRobzilla
4th: #Ajathekween
5th: #rory17 + 2 points : 9 so with the bonus point then 2nd XD
6th: #Moviemusicguy123
7th: #Tester
8th: #reallyreally

Results (Current and Total Rankings):
Will be considered in naming the champion of Rocky’s Music Taste!

1st -  #tswiftlover13 : 19.5 points
2nd - #Tester : 18 points
3rd - #Jameslu : 17 points
4th - #MrRobzilla : 16.5
5th - #boozes : 15 points
6th - #boozes : 15 points
7th - #reallyreally: 13 points
8th - #Moviemusicguy123 : 9.5 points
9th - #Ajathekween 9.5 points

1) Ajathekween
2) reallyreally
3) Jameslu
4) Tester
5) tswiftlover13
6) Moviemusicguy123
7) boozes
8) rory17
9) MrRobzilla

10th) PenguinOwen126 - DQ
11th) LooseyLaduca - ELIMINATED
12th) Lifeiscool - DQ



I think I'll be scrapping the bonus point system cause it's making the rankings a bit weird tbh. If everyone is liking the riddles then I'll keep it coming for fun! I'd love to hear some thoughts!!!
Sent by humanwebjet1,Apr 1, 2023
yasss a LiBianca Stan im living
Sent by Jameslu,Apr 2, 2023
Comeback comp when??
Sent by LooseyLaduca,Apr 2, 2023

Still deciding if I'll have one XD
Sent by humanwebjet1,Apr 2, 2023
Sent by tswiftlover13,Apr 2, 2023

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