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Need honest oppinions about an idea for a book

Jan 24, 2018 by heatherlum
I am am writing a book and the i am adding charactors in it with the idea that I am going to make this a series. So i want to add them in the first book to develop them further in later books. So this is my idea for a set of charactors. I want to know if you would read it or if it sounds interesting

The three main characters are going to be grant. That is her last name. She is a marine. Super hard. No emotions, well there hidden well. She is a lesbian. Thinking of giving her the first name Samantha. She meets this tatoo artist that is yet un named but going to call her Tat Girl or tg. Tg is super quiet. into her self. Um introverted to the tenth degree. She had a shit childhood and just sorta does not have friends other then her brother. Tg starts to hang our with grant but then meets a man named Bull. He is a body guard and travels all over. The end up sleeping together. Some things happen to Tg due to Bulls profession. She arleady had her own demons and now has a few more. He takes her to his reservation. He is Sioux btw. He takes her there to see if his medicine woman can heal her because modern medicine could not. Grant is on the picture because when Tg said she would go with bull but only of grant came as well. Bull is emotional, wears his heart on his sleeve. Does not hide things but is a no bullshit kind of guy. He has a heart of gold and will do anything to make Tg better even if it means giving her up.


Sounds interesting
Sent by thewolfman,Jan 24, 2018
I like it
Sent by Jouix,Jan 24, 2018

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