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my romance movie phase was so short lived

Nov 13, 2023 by daveycool
i watched brokeback mountain
and then god's own county
and after i finished Holding the Man it was a wrap. i was emotionally damaged forever. this was years ago


are there any newer movies i should give a shot. preferably ones that don't break my heart but also still good
Sent by daveycool,Nov 13, 2023
U had a romance movie era??
Sent by Kiki4ever,Nov 13, 2023
Very shocking
Sent by Thirteen,Nov 13, 2023
Broke back mountain dead is one of my faves
Sent by Bambino,Nov 13, 2023
Also I鈥檝e been in a romance movie phase my whole life I-
Sent by Bambino,Nov 13, 2023
You liked that?
Sent by Lucas_RFS,Nov 14, 2023
kiki4ever thirteen yesss lol. by years ago i literally mean years. that last romance movie i watched was the day before i started high school im pretty sure
bambino 馃槀馃槀 im gonna TRY and give it another go. im rewatching BB mountain tonight, i'll try and go from there but these movies tear at my heart to bad馃槱 i overthink them
Sent by daveycool,Nov 14, 2023

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