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  1. I finally won a hunger games
  2. The issue is now solved
  3. All images are gone for everyone else too?
  4. Randomize needs to log on to fix this shit.
  5. When your playing your survivor comp
  6. +9 Frooks instant start
  7. +19 hunger lmfao
  8. I hate fake ass bitches.
  9. Who wants to be my tengaged Valentine
  10. +7 frooks
  11. I think old words was better
  12. Eurovision 2020 Espana
  13. Do you ever wonder where
  14. Happy Valentine's day to everyone
  15. Helps Ryan in the gulley
  16. Helps Oli G in the gulley
  17. New power couple
  18. LOL
  19. Do people rank their friends
  20. I have been a 6th place specialist recently.
  21. I just spoiled
  22. Its amazing how music can trigger such emotions
  23. Gemma being voted out of Dancing on Ice
  24. The hypocrisy of some people
  25. I wanna go to bed
  26. Lol top trending icons
  27. Imagine having a 7 person premade
  28. Ranking Sex chat D
  29. LOL
  30. How i feel voting off someone I like in a game.
  31. Anyone wanna go on call this evening?
  32. I need to stop being loyal to people who just
  33. Join rookies charity for
  34. Me at everyone watching our game.
  35. Its funny how every straight guy on here
  36. I have a crush on a tengager
  37. God literally why have my placements got so shit
  38. This place is a cauldron of negativity
  39. Damina is such a pretty name.
  40. who remember this from eurovision

Ranking Sex chat D

16thFeb 11, 2019 by damo1990
1. Phil - wow this guy is amazing and not shy, large and whole package.

2. Morad - not bad , or shy, loves to cam , and is very persistent

3. Frank - Artificial D but defo knows how to use it.

4. Ayub - Marriage material

5.  Antonije - Daddy!! very open and puts it about there. Helicopter

6. Aleks, not the biggest D but knows what he is doing. Also seems open to anything.

7. Aneeq - You dropped me after Ali's accusations. average D

8 Ali - Fuck you, trying to expose Damina as a fraud. Ugly

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iybf (sorry forgot you sis)


im 2
Sent by semajdude,Feb 11, 2019
I love Morad
Sent by iYBF,Feb 11, 2019
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Lmfaooo @Ali
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Lmaoo omg I鈥檓 cryin
Sent by Blitszims,Feb 11, 2019
Lmfao yessss
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I wanna damina :x
Sent by masqui,Feb 11, 2019
LMAO whichever said amini your ass is my fave
Sent by Padfoot,Feb 11, 2019
Omg lmaooo
Sent by MarieEve,Feb 11, 2019

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