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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

I wish the site would

18thApr 22, 2023 by damo1990
Do the right thing for once and evict the inactive. I have seen some of the public out there just being like oh I'm saving the inactive for amusement.

Those same people would be crying if they were in this situation. The whole situation is caused by a frat trolling, like it happened once its nish, its iconic blah blah.

It will happen again, hopefully to some of yall who kept him this week. Also those of you finding fault with putting up a so called unpopular player against them for 16th, it would not have mattered If I or anyone else went up with them,  we would have  been evicted.

This is not be being bitter, I have 5 stars wins. I joined to see how far I could get without being nominated and I achieved what I wanted to. I was surprised with the support.

But those 3 guys in there have all played good games, so I guess think if you were in that situation you would want people to evict the inactive. I hope if he stays in this poll the community can come together to give one of the other two guys the win.  #stars


I tried :/
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Apr 22, 2023
The right thing is evicting the rat who kept putting him up with the actives so no I will not save that rat
Sent by Kiki4ever,Apr 22, 2023

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