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The Real Clueliz

1stApr 15, 2019 by clueliz
Wow! I havent Been on here in forever and I come back to all these top blogs and see all these comments from my friends.

I’m thankful I have people who look out for me when I’m not on here. Please know that anyone who was called out, was called out by the hacker and not me. I dont Have anything against anyone and I think It’s funny that the hacker said I had That many ts. Honestly I don’t remember how many I had... maybe enough for half a design.

I do Want to say thank you to the hacker because someone that is very special in my life reached out to me and I missed them a lot. This must be God’s way of telling us that we needed to communicate because life can be too short.

Hacker I forgive You. Thanks for dressing my avi up cute while I was gone. I heard You had fun with all my designs.

Praying everyone has had a good 2019 and I miss All of you :)


How did they hack u tho lol
Sent by Streamxx,Apr 15, 2019
im really sorry... hope u can do someone happy by helping me get my shop </3
Sent by Pisces,Apr 15, 2019
Thats sad
Sent by David2560,Apr 15, 2019
sorry this happened :x
Sent by Guigi,Apr 15, 2019
pisces I choked
Sent by CakelikeEvv,Apr 15, 2019
Smh, im so sorry :-/
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Apr 15, 2019
If it makes you feel any better, he is a fat cunt with no life outside this game, so you are already one step ahead of it in life.
Sent by AmandaBynes,Apr 15, 2019
I’m sick of being dragged into this holy shit
Sent by maturo,Apr 15, 2019
He bought from iscotyy too I’m sure? So it’s not specifically from a certain shop
Sent by Minie,Apr 15, 2019
Sent by AntonB,Apr 15, 2019
——————-the Real Clueliz ————————-
Sent by clueliz,Apr 15, 2019
God could give two shits about a site that’s predominating Gay....
Sent by Hannah_Parks,Apr 16, 2019
liz <3
Sent by Arris,Apr 16, 2019
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Apr 16, 2019
clueliz acting normal... the REAL clueliz😝
Sent by MISSimogen,Apr 16, 2019

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