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Please Read...DONT EAT!

2ndApr 21, 2015 by clueliz
imagePlease dont eat Blue Bell Ice Cream. My dad just told me there is a recall on bluebell ice cream. I pulled up information about it and it says that they are recalling all their ice cream because of a deadly virus found in their products.

I just want to make sure everyone is aware because I wouldnt have known if my dad told me. But then again I dont eat that much ice cream anyways lol.

Stay safe Tenagaged and please share this with friends, family or social media :)


Omg I read about this :o
It's horrible =[ Luckily they don't sell this ice cream in my state
Thanks for informing everyone !
Sent by Pieguy555,Apr 21, 2015
Sent by JeffWinger,Apr 21, 2015
never heard of it

*eats my ben and jerry pint*
Sent by unkown,Apr 21, 2015
Lol how kind. I rarely eat ice cream anyways, so I'm good :p
Sent by woeisme,Apr 21, 2015
i've actually never heard of bluebell
Sent by blueu22,Apr 21, 2015
Sent by Bridgette77,Apr 21, 2015
clueliz don't take this as against you directly but this is where knowing current events etc come in handy...
Sent by NexusCain,Apr 21, 2015
Just ate a pint
Sent by Carsonl,Apr 21, 2015
i totally agree NexusCain :) I will get right on that lol. I just dont like reading up on current events because 99% of them are in relation to violence :/
Sent by clueliz,Apr 21, 2015
I ate some blue bell ice cream about a month ago at the movies, but i haven't gotten sick yet so I guess I'm ok
Sent by Megan,Apr 22, 2015
why r u promoting ANOREXIA
Sent by vientiane,Apr 22, 2015
Humus has a recall for the same disease right now too, not sure what brand
Sent by JGoodies,Apr 22, 2015
I only buy Walmart brand anyway
Sent by teamjacz,Apr 22, 2015
lmao @veientiane I guess u can see it that way if someone only eats blue bell ice cream
JGoodies yeah, I heard humus had a recall but it was a certain brand. I luv humus so my mom called and told me lol
Sent by clueliz,Apr 22, 2015
I can never tag right haha vientiane
Sent by clueliz,Apr 22, 2015
Sent by ninjohn,Apr 22, 2015
*eats all the ice cream*
what did you say?
Sent by garygbs2nd,Apr 22, 2015
My sister has some in her freezer that she's keeping so she can sue them!
Sent by Timster,Apr 22, 2015

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