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Nice to know

Aug 30, 2016 by clueliz
Seana86 I was going to surprise you with a gift, however Galaxies and lexibear will not answer my messages about the free gifts I was supposed to get.

I was told by lexibear that I would get 3 gifts if I gifted a design out of Galaxies shop. I emailed them both and they both confirmed that I would. Now lexibear doesnt have a shop and I am out 1000ts. I have sent several messages and no reply.

I wanted to surprise you with a gift for many reasons. I also was going to surprise another one of my friends.

So if anyone has bought from their shop before and has been promised a gift, just be careful because they may not answer you about the gift or wont deliver the gifts as promised.


didnt i reply?
Sent by Galaxies,Aug 30, 2016
I have sent you four messages that you didnt reply to Galaxies
Sent by clueliz,Aug 30, 2016
heyyyy liz
Sent by woeisme,Aug 30, 2016
Awww its ok clueliz but I am sorry this happened, I have always gifted people i owed gifts to.
Sent by seana86,Aug 31, 2016
Sent by dexterie,Aug 31, 2016

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