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Nice guys finish last on Tengaged

May 17, 2013 by bearpatrol
Anyone who knows me, knows Tengaged isn't something that I take seriously...and this is something that I just wanted to post.

Unless you cause drama, join with premades, and are down right mean and a bully chances are you will never be more then a filler in a game.

Sad but true..



lol ily
Sent by Etienne,May 17, 2013
i dont think thats true in castings. you just have to collect keys and score decent on comps.
no premade or dramatic bullying necessary.
i think thats really only in frookies and crookies.
Sent by heatherbear,May 17, 2013
this is so true :(
ily bear don't let em haters bring you down this site is suppose to be for fun and enjoy it < 333
Sent by Saftronbtr999,May 17, 2013

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